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Who Wore It Better: Miss Piggy Or These Celebrities?

You better work, cover girl, work it girl, give us a twirl!

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Who rocks leopard print trim better, Miss Piggy or Avril Lavigne?

Andrew H. Walker/Staff / Getty Images

Answer: Miss Piggy. She's wearing the skin of a predator like she just don't care. Fearless queen.

Who better pulls of white after labor day, Miss Piggy or Alicia Keys?

Donna Ward/Stringer / Getty Images

Answer: Tie. Both look beautiful, though when it comes to singing Ms. Piggy def wins.

Who carries tweed blazers with the most poise, Miss Piggy or Gwyneth Paltrow?

Getty Images/Stringer

Answer: Miss Piggy, and she'd also never try to sell you a white t-shirt for $90.

Who works quilted Burberry trenches better, Miss Piggy or some anonymous model?


Answer: Miss Piggy. What a bold choice to pair magenta gloves with a gold trench.

Who exercises in more style, Miss Piggy or Olivia Newton John?


Answer: Neither. '80s gymwear is flattering on nobody.

Who's more ravishing in red, Miss Piggy or Taylor Swift?

Larry Busacca/Staff / Getty Images

Answer: Miss Piggy "swift"-ly takes the crown in this case.

Who's more flirty in fringe, Miss Piggy wearing a veil or Sienna Miller wearing a hat?

Eamonn McCormack/Stringer / Getty Images

Answer: Miss Piggy. Sienna's hat is a little gauche.

Who's more wonderful in white, Miss Piggy or Jennifer Aniston?

Answer: Jen's enviable hair aside, Miss Piggy takes the cake, looking like a winter goddess.

Whose sequin top is more scandalous, Miss Piggy's or Britney Spears'?

Kevin Winter/Staff / Getty Images

Answer: Miss Piggy's top is dangerous yet tasteful.

Who manages to pull off a pink feather boa, Miss Piggy or Playboy Playmate Julie Cialini?

Ethan Miller/Staff / Getty Images

Answer: Neither. Feather boas are NAGL.

Whose style is more out of this world, Space Cadet Piggy or Lieutenant Uhura?

CBS Television Distribution

Answer: Miss Piggy and Nichelle Nichols' Uhura are both icons, but Miss Piggy adds ~*Sparkle Factor*~ to her look.

Whose Kentucky Derby flair is first across the fashion finish line, Miss Piggy or the late, great Anna Nicole Smith?

Answer: Tie. Both are beautiful, and they probably would've been BFF's if Anna was alive and Miss Piggy was real.

Who pulls off summer hues better, Miss Piggy or Fashion Blogger Buse Terim?

S. Alemdar/Stringer / Getty Images

Answer: Miss Piggy, because not afraid to get her style a little down and dirty.

Who wears head to toe leather better, Miss Piggy or The Gimp from Pulp Fiction?

Mirimax Films

Answer: The Gimp. Homeboy has CON-FI-DENCE.



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