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    10 Ways To Fix Zac Efron's "YOLO" Tattoo

    I was rooting for you, Zac. We were all rooting for you! How dare you! Learn something from this!

    Zac Efron is essentially perfect.

    He's so perfect that sometimes you forget he has a tragic YOLO tattoo on his hand.

    Well, here are 10 ways we can fix that unfortunate tattoo of his.

    1. Let's pretend he has an ex named Yolonda. Name tattoos are lame, but it's still an improvement.

    2. He could change it to say "YOBO" in honor of Nigerian footballer Joseph Yobo.

    3. He could turn his tattoo into a tiny cartoon version of himself sipping a martini.

    4. Maybe Zac really likes Toyota trucks but he's really bad at spelling.

    5. Maybe he's really into bryology, the branch of botany concerned with mosses and hornworts.

    6. Or maybe myology, the study of muscles.

    7. He could turn it into the absolute worst Yogi Bear tribute tattoo of all time, which would still be better than a YOLO tattoo.

    8. He might alter it into "Mayo Lollipop," which is either New York City's next big food craze or a new K-Pop band with 18 members.

    9. He could get the whole thing covered up with a boss Hello Kitty tattoo.

    10. Or he could just, y'know, have the thing lasered off and be perfect again.