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    20 Up-And-Coming Pets You Need To Follow On Instagram Before They Get Famous

    Get in on the action now before these adorable animals blow up the internet.

    1. Duchess Olive Juice the French Bulldog

    Olive is the cutest pup in New York City, if not the entire world. If you disagree then you might not have a heart.

    2. Baby Bug the Cat

    Bug was a shelter kitten who nobody wanted because of a facial deformity. Obviously Bug is perfect and adorable.

    3. Dillon the Blind Cat Who is Purrfect in Every Way

    Dillon doesn't need eyes to see that he's the cutest cat ever.

    4. Jack-Jack the Blind Pup

    Jack-Jack is a puppy mill rescue who's survived cancer, and even though he's blind he's still a happy doggie.

    5. Shrampton the Butterscotch Scottish Fold

    Shrampton is an orange tomcat who doesn't have time for your nonsense. He has a twin sister who doesn't get as much screen time.

    6. Daisy the Brussels Griffon/ Terrier Mix

    Maxilla has an underbite and needs a wheelchair to help her walk outdoors, but she's not in any pain and seems to be happy as a clam.

    7. Maxwell, the Three-Legged Cat Who Wears Tiny Hats

    Maxwell is a shy little dude who loves fashionable headgear. He's donned nearly 100 hats so far!

    8. This Impossibly Adorable Family of Chinchillas

    These chinchillas also have a YouTube channel.

    9. Crumpet the Brussels Terrier with Oddly Long Legs

    Hahaha, look at this guy! What a cute dude.

    10. Jack the Pirate Pug

    Jack might be lacking an eye, but he makes up for it with extra tongue.

    11. Citronnelle the Mustache Cat

    Cintronnelle is British Shorthair from France. Ce chat est magnifique!

    12. Otter the Pit Bull

    According to his bio, Otter loves dress up, kittens, and tall men. Who doesn't?

    13. This ball of fur named Madame George who might have a cat buried somewhere deep inside.

    Madame George is from outer space, y/n?

    14. The adorable snarly Zombie Cat.

    Zombie Cat has so much attitude, he's permanently snarling.

    15. Sana the Shibe

    Wow, much cute. Very doge.

    16. Kintai, the Hecka Fashionable Yorkie

    Kintai is a dapper Yorkie from Hong Kong who isn't afraid of a little color.

    17. Polo the Mutt

    Polo is a cutie pup from San Francisco who likes to bite butts.

    18. Yoko the Black Frenchie

    Yoko is another Frenchie from New York, proving that all bulldogs are adorable regardless of coloring.

    19. Hero the German Shepherd

    Hero is a super photogenic gal who loves playing outside.

    20. These Impossibly Gorgeous Huskies

    Oakley, Thunder, and Zeus are three huskies who spend their days looking flying as hell and making other dogs hella jelly.

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