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The 9 Types Of People Who Show Up At Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether it's a family dinner, a neighborhood potluck, or a gathering of friends, these people can be found at every holiday feast.

1. The one who drank waaay too much pumpkin ale and is flirting with e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.

2. The one who brought their own special food, but not enough to share.

3. The one who's been cooking since dawn and is this close to cutting someone.

4. The one who ate waaay too much food and is about to be flirting with the toilet.

5. The one who brought half a bag of chips even though it's a potluck dinner and it's like, really, dude?

6. The weird one nobody really knows, and no one is quite sure who invited.

7. The ~foodie~ who takes a million photos of their food.

Thanksgiving food of choice: It totally depends on which filter they're using. Walden for mashed potatoes, Earlybird for turkey, X-Pro II for cranberry sauce...

Would rather be: Havin' Thanksgiving dinner at Diddy's house, whaaaaaaaaaat.

8. The one who keeps reminding everyone that Thanksgiving was invented by Hallmark or it's all about massacres or whatever.

9. Someone's dog hovering around, desperately hoping for scraps.