13 Truly Adorable Houses You Can Buy For Less Than A Year Of College

…and one that costs less than your textbooks.

The Tiny House Movement advocates living simply, in small homes.

Folks who live in these small houses prefer to keep fewer belongings and cite a myriad of different benefits, chief among them the low cost of owning and maintaining a tiny house. Here are 13 houses you can buy, via Tiny House Listings.

1. This whimsical, inviting home:


Price: $30,000
Size: 160 Sq. Ft.

2. This two-bedroom cedar cabin of your dreams:


Price: $29,999
Size: 300 Sq. Ft.

3. This perfectly sized hut to keep you nice and cozy:


Price: $15,000
Size: 130 Sq. Ft.

4. This secluded home on almost 10 acres:


Price: $54,900
Size: 288 Sw. Ft., plus 9.5 acres of land

5. This tiny loft house, ready to be moved to wherever your heart desires:


Price: $24,900
Size: 156 Sq. Ft.

6. This stately abode, ready to be filled with your favorite furnishings:


Price: $8,000
Size: 128 Sq. Ft.

7. This charming home:


Price: $22,500
Size: 128 Sq. Ft.

8. This just-big-enough-for-one dream home:


Price: $1,200
Size: 32 Sq. Ft.

9. This rustic cabin:


Price: $25,000
Size: 198 Sq. Ft.

10. This gypsy caravan:


Price: $16,500
Size: 216 Sq. Ft.

11. This teensy fortress with lovely office space:


Price: $25,000
Size: 120 Sq. Ft.

12. This romantic getaway for two:


Price: $29,000
Size: 200 Sq. Ft., plus 5 acres of land

13. And this jaw-dropping treehouse, which sadly isn’t for sale, but can be rented from Wandawega Rentals.


It’s the perfect vacation spot to forget about your mounting student loans!

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