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    Here's The Instagram About Two Friends Sending Creative Texts You Never Knew You Needed

    via Words With BFFs.

    My friend Kristin and I have a tradition of texting each other creative messages when one of us goes on vacation. The only rule is that we can't use actual words, just pictures.

    Well, we've started doing it on the reg, not just on vacations, and the result is the Instagram Words With BFFs.

    Anything can be used to spell words. Like cheese:

    Who's my favorite American author, you ask?

    Indian food makes for great Titanic puns:

    Ice cream toppings are fun:

    The eternal question:

    Eyebrows so on fleek they won't stay on my face:

    An embarrassing confession:

    Any excuse to play with Legos as an adult:

    Sometimes the cat participates:

    Sometimes things get a little dark...

    ...and spooky.

    It's an outlet to cope with life's trials and tribulations.

    So hey, give Words With BFFs a follow. Because we have way too much time on our hands and nothing is better than friendship.

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