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    10 Things You Should Know About Cat Ownership

    Say goodbye to all your black clothes.

    Should you get a cat? Yes, absolutely.

    ...but there are some things to keep in mind beforehand.

    1. Cats make wearing black clothes almost impossible.

    Adam Ellis

    ...especially if you have a tendency to leave clothes on the floor. Cats will prance all up on your black clothes and leave hair EVERYWHERE. Invest in some lint rollers and consider pastels for Spring.

    2. Cats can live for 20 years! (180 years if you count all nine lives.)

    Adam Ellis

    Think about where you're gonna be in 20 years. If you're 25 right now, you might be 45 by the time your cat kicks it. That's a huge commitment, and you're the type who tends to, uh, not follow through on projects, maybe think a little longer on getting a cat.

    3. Cats are forever. You gotta stick with 'em through the seasons, through the years.

    Adam Ellis

    You can't up and decide you don't want to take care of a cat because your life situation changes. Going through a breakup? Tough. You can't break up with your cat. There's a special place in hell for people who dump cats at the shelter because they don't want to take care of it anymore.

    4. You'll have to give up your dreams of becoming a hand model.

    Adam Ellis

    Cat ownership is a violent job. There will be blood.

    5. Cats actually aren't that expensive to take care of, but if something goes wrong they can get pricy fast.

    Adam Ellis

    The cost of food, litter, and toys is only about $800-1,000 a year, which most prospective cat owners will find completely manageable. But a sick cat requires vet care, and that can break the bank right quick. Can you pay for a cat who's ailing? How about surgery?

    6. Adopt instead of buy.

    Adam Ellis

    According to the National Institute of Made Up Feline Facts, there are approximately 17 billion cats in need of adoption. Many shelters are overcrowded, so why wouldn't you adopt? When it comes down to brass tacks, all cats are basically the same: small, furry, and probably from outer space. No one's really gonna care that you spent a jillion dollars on a cat, so be a pal and adopt a kitty who needs it.

    7. Think about adopting an older cat.

    Adam Ellis

    Do you know how long kittens stay kittens? Like six minutes, tops. All kittens grow into cats, and you never know what their personalities are gonna be like as adults. With adult cats, what you see is what you get. You don't have to spend time training them, and they aren't adopted as often, which means they need you that much more.

    8. Consider adopting a disabled kitty.

    Adam Ellis

    Disabled cats are often overlooked for being "imperfect," but that's garbage. All cats are perfect, even the ugly ones. Some people think a disabled cat will be too much work, but in actuality most of them require little extra care. If Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat have taught us anything, it's that even "imperfect" cats can be superstars.

    9. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

    Adam Ellis

    Cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves most of the time, and having two cats is essentially the same as having one cat. It's a little more expensive, but it's not much extra work. Plus, your cat won't get bored or lonely when you're gone, since it'll have a friend to play with. Lots of shelters allow you to adopt two cats at once, and many recommend it!

    10. Finally, and most importantly, keep Instagram filters in mind when choosing a new cat, because every cat deserves to feel beautiful.

    Adam Ellis

    Cats are very vain. Is you new companion a Valencia? X-Pro II? Perhaps you'll luck out and find the one living creature who looks good with the Kelvin filter. Proper pet care isn't just about keeping your furry friend healthy and fed—it's also about making sure he or she gets the maximum number of likes on Instagram.

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