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    20 Things Clarissa Forgot To Explain

    Even Clarissa can't explain everything.

    1. How the hell did Marshall Darling get this building up to code?

    2. Why was Clarissa never arrested for jacking hubcaps off all the parked cars in her neighborhood?

    3. Where did she find time to learn C++?

    4. What exactly was she feeding Elvis, her alligator? They eat turtles. Was Clarissa buying turtles and feeding them to Elvis? That's dark.

    5. Where is Clarissa's horse?

    6. How many poor infants were locked up inside her trunk?

    7. Exactly what "experiments" was Clarissa conducting when the cameras stopped rolling?

    8. What was going on with this outift?

    9. How was she able to earn a doctorate in diagnostic psychiatry as a teenager? What kind of Doogie Howser nonsense is this?

    10. What kind of parents were the Darlings to allow hormonal teenage boys to climb into their daughter's window?

    11. What psych ward is Janet Darling currently residing in?

    12. How much money did Sam get from the lawsuit he launched against Miley Cyrus for stealing his haircut?

    13. Who are these old weirdos? Is Clarissa a descendent of Benjamin Franklin?

    14. Why was this woman smearing a glue stick on her lips?

    15. Which section of Home Goods did she get that haunted vanity mirror from?

    16. Which room is Fergbreath walking out of? What mystical bulletin board room exists between the living room and the kitchen?

    17. Was Aunt Mafalda on cocaine, PCP, or meth?

    18. How did Clarissa suddenly get a window seat between Seasons 2 and 3? Who are those new neighbors? WHERE DID ELVIS GO???

    19. And speaking of, where did that staircase suddenly come from? Is Marshall Darling building stairs to nowhere?

    20. But seriously, WHERE IS ELVIS?