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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Playground Game

The playground was Thunderdome, essentially.

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16. Wallball

Flickr: scottt / Creative Commons

Wallball, AKA "Butt's Up", "Ballsies", "Rump Rounders", "Buttock Blocker", "Red Butt," "Blackjack", "Assies' Rehab & Tea", "Slaughterhouse", "Fumble", "Butt Ball", "Beartrap", "Asses Up", "Suicides", "Stitch", "Peg", "Fire in the Bum", "A-Ball", "Buns Up", "Booties Up", "No Fear", "Red Bum", "Jetters", "Red Ass", "Red Out", "Sting", "Error", "Off the Wall", "Kirby", "Spread," or "Burn" wins the award for most nicknames.


12. Hide and Seek

Flickr: thomasrhull / Creative Commons

The only person who ever enjoys this game is the seeker. What's fun about hiding in a fucking bush for twenty minutes while some idiot in dungarees hunts for you?


3. Tetherball

Flickr: amywhelan / Creative Commons

Tetherball was awesome except you always got stuck playing against that one whiny brat who claimed you touched the string with your hand when you totally didn't.


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