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21 Signs You're A Cat Lady In Training

...or a cat gentlemen. It's 2014, let's not discriminate.

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1. Your idea of high fashion involves wearing cat-themed clothing unironically.

2. Your home is catered more to a feline than to a human being.

3. Your "sexts" are decidedly unsexy.

Your phone is too full of cat photos to take any nudes, c'mon.

Your phone is too full of cat photos to take any nudes, c'mon.

4. Bathroom time revolves around your cat, and you're 100% fine with that.

Flickr: aprillynn77 / Creative Commons

5. (Same goes for doing dishes.)

Flickr: nicasaurusrex / Creative Commons

6. You force your cat to snuggle with you whether it wants to or not.

Kyoto Animation

7. You treat your cat like it's a doll, and you don't feel guilty about it in the slightest.

8. You keep sending emails to HR about when they're going to allow cats in the office, but nobody's gotten back to you yet.

9. Your workspace is decorated with aspirational toys that inspire you to be the best cat lady / gentleman / non-gender-binary person you can be.

10. You don't think there's anything weird with commissioning custom artwork of your beloved feline companion.

11. You've managed the impossible—you've trained your cat to aid you in daily chores. Who says cats won't fetch?

12. You fret about purchasing new clothes for yourself, but you've maxed out your credit cards on cute kitty sweaters.

13. You've realized it's borderline impossible to get anything done at work because you miss your cat so much.

14. At Christmas, a solid 30% of the presents under your tree are for the cat.

Flickr: dabhid07 / Creative Commons

15. Your heart truly aches for dog people and you pray they will one day see the errors of their ways.


16. You can barely remember your own birthday, but you've had themed parties for your cat(s).

17. You buy lint rollers in bulk.

Scotch Brite

18. You can't bear to throw any box away, lest it become your cat's new favorite sleeping spot.

19. If anyone so much as MENTIONS declawing your cat, you fly into a blind rage that can't be tamed.


20. To you, "spring cleaning" is when you periodically clear out your phone's old cat photos to make room for new cat photos.

21. When people call you a crazy cat lady, you just shrug. What's so shameful about that?

Flickr: lexiestevenson / Creative Commons

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