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28 Reasons "Tiny Hats On Cats" Is The Instagram That's Been Missing From Your Life

An adorable new project brought to you by BFF.

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Tiny Hats On Cats is a collection of tiny paper hats I make for my three-legged cat Maxwell. The project is part of BuzzFeed BFF, and here are 28 reasons you should follow it!

1. Because every cat deserves to feel beautiful!

2. ...or dapper, if they'd prefer.

3. Because we all know cats rule our lives, so why not make it official?

4. Because cats need to keep the sun out of their eyes while they're gardening, just like me and you.

5. Even though cats shouldn't drink tea, they still want to pretend.

6. Because cats can be gamers too.

7. Cats like to dress up as their favorite TV characters, but lack the dexterity to make their own costumes.

8. Cats are fearless warriors and should look the part.

9. And maybe they'd prefer an extra bit of camouflage as they hunt their prey?

10. Cats like to mourn every mouse they kill in a respectable manner.

11. Why should only humans be allowed to have picnics?

12. Cats can be ranch hands, too.

13. Cats are elegant models and love to show off fancy accessories.

14. Cats can help you apologize when you accidentally take the neighbor's delivery order.

15. Because I bet you didn't know a cat's favorite subgenre of science fiction is cyberpunk, did you?

16. Cuz there's no better way to celebrate the return of Janet Jackson's music career than with a tiny Rhythm Nation hat.

17. And let's not forget National Pizza Party day (get extra sardines for the cat!)

18. Now your cat can dress up like Luke Skywalker (with a little help from human hands).

19. Every cat wants to join the Cool Cats Clubâ„¢.

20. and celebrate their birthdays in style!

21. Every cat should feel their best!

22. No cat should leave the house without a lovely hat.

23. Even if the only "scoop" they'll uncover is in the litter box.

24. No cat should go to bed without a nightlight (in the form of a hat).

25. So grab your fanciest shades...

26. ...and maybe a drink or two...

28. It's the Instagram you can really "bet" on (I'm sorry).

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