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    16 Reasons Drag Queen Adore Delano's "Hello, I Love You" Is Your New Stalker Anthem


    Last week Drag Race's Adore Delano dropped the fourth music video from her album Till Death Do Us Party.

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    Here are 16 reasons "Hello, I Love You" is the greatest stalker song since "Every Breath You Take."

    1. This all pink, Katy-Perry-could-never color scheme.

    2. That glass of strawberry milk using Boyfriends 101 as a coaster.

    3. The fact that one of the book's on Adore's dresser is Casserole Treasury.

    4. This glorious wig which was probably snatched from some unsuspecting mermaid.

    5. This kitten statue that gazes into your soul and knows all your filthy secrets.

    6. This heavenly champagne wig, which it the third wig we've seen in the first 47 seconds of the video, but who's counting?

    7. This clever disguise.

    8. And let's not forget those to-die-for candy pink pumps. *twitches until dead*

    9. Now's as good a time as any to pause and pay respects to Adore's killer eyebrows. Blessings to whoever threads her brows.

    10. This shrine, which will probably cause you to drop everything and go shop for pink candles on Etsy.

    11. This box of shirtless photos (Summer '11 to Summer '13).

    12. Also, "future children composite photos."

    13. And this exhaustive list of surveillance tapes. June was a busy month.

    14. And whatever this is.

    15. Oh, and remember how Adore had the best first week album sales of any Drag Race alum in history?

    Sidecar Records and Producer Entertainment Group

    16. ...including the divine Miss RuPaul herself?


    If you don't like the song, Adore's real life alter ego Danny Noriega has this simple reply:

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    Thank you. Carry on.


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