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19 Questions I Have For The Little Mermaid As An Adult

Sorry in advance.

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5. Maybe it's like seahorses, where the male carries the babies? Did King Triton give birth to Ariel out of his butt? I'm not a scientist, don't correct me in the comments.


8. I had a goldfish as a kid and sometimes they'd trail poop behind them for, like, 15 minutes before it broke off. Does Ariel just have poop trailing behind her all the time? Are you even still reading this post?

9. Speaking of fish anatomy, wouldn't it be funny if Ariel was reversed? Like human on bottom, fish on top? That's not really a question for Disney. Let's get back on track.


12. If Ariel is a human from the waist up, why aren't her armpits hairy? Is there a CVS in the ocean where she gets her Gillette Venus razors? Since I mentioned Venus razors, do you have that song from the commercial stuck in your head now? I'm sorry.

13. You need silver to make a mirror reflective. How are these mermies getting processed silver ore to make mirrors? What isn't Disney telling us? Once again, I'm not a scientist, and I will not be reading the comments on this post.


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