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    14 Prisons That Will Make You Question What You Think About Serving Time

    If you have to do time, do time in style.

    1. Addiewell Prison, Scotland

    To some, Addiewell might feel like being locked up in an Ikea. The facility was designed for "learning," as a place for prisoners to address their offending behavior and what caused their imprisonment in the first place. The learning aspect aims to improve prisoners' employability prospects, their well-being, and community support networks.

    2. Bastøy Prison, Norway

    Bastøy is a minimum-security prison on Bastøy Island, Norway, that houses 115 inmates. Originally a prison colony for boys, the facility has been revamped as "the first eco prison in the world." During their free time, inmates have access to horseback riding, tennis, fishing, and skiing. Recidivism is reported to be around 16%, compared to the European average of about 70%.

    3. Leoben Justice Center, Austria

    Seems like Austria is the place to be for nonviolent criminals. Inmates at the Leoben Justice Center are given private rooms with a kitchenette, personal bathroom, and a TV. No word on whether or not good behavior earns you a Sega Genesis with Sonic & Knuckles.

    4. Al Capone's cell in Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary

    5. Sark Prison, Island of Sark in Guernsey

    6. The Squirrel Cage Jail, Iowa

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    The Squirrel Cage Jail consisted of a series of narrow, connected, pie-shaped cells. The entire jail could be rotated, meaning a guard wouldn't have to move to monitor prisoners. The facility closed in 1969, but some claim the prison is haunted.

    7. Cereso Chetumal, Mexico

    8. Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

    9. ADX Florence, Colorado

    The Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colorado is a supermax facility intended to house the most dangerous criminals. Cells consist of solid, poured concrete so furniture can't be moved or used to hide dangerous items. Prisoners are kept completely isolated with only a tiny, four-inch slit to gaze out upon the world.

    10. Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

    11. Halden Prison, Norway

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    Called "the most humane prison" by Time, Halden features multiple kitchens and living rooms, plus jogging trails and a sound studio. Cooking and music classes offered, as well. Only 20% of Norway's criminals reoffend, compared to 50–60% in the U.K. and U.S.

    12. San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

    San Pedro isn't "nice" exactly, but it's certainly notable. Inmates at the prison have jobs inside the community, buy or rent their accommodation, and often live with their families. Tourism is popular, and savvy inmates can move up into cushier accommodations. Stabbings are somewhat commonplace, but the buildings are a pretty shade of teal, huh?

    13. Čachtice Castle

    14. Cebu Prison, Philippines

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    Correctional facilities in the Philippines aren't generally noted for their luxury, but any prison that choreographs inmates into giant Michael Jackson flash mobs can't be all bad, right?