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    Paris Hilton Is Still Doing That Head Tilt Pose In Her New Music Video

    That's hot.

    SILENCE, PEASANTS. Paris Hilton, the socialite who used to be popular in 2006 has graced us mere mortals with a new music video.

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    And wouldn't you know it, her signature "turn 1/4 of my head around and look seductively at the camera" pose is alive and well.

    In fact, it's sort of the only thing she does for four minutes and sixteen seconds.

    OH, BUT HEY! This music video has a unicorn, so there's that.

    You've gotta give the ol' gal kudos for sticking with what works. She even broke out the pose for not one but TWO mugshots.

    Los Angeles Police Department

    Perhaps Paris' new music video will help out with her popularity, which at an all time low.

    Google Trends

    Bless you, Paris Whitney Hilton. You keep doing you.

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