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    Is This The Cast Of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3?"

    What do these 13 queens all have in common?

    If there's anything Drag Race fans love, it's overanalyzing. Well, here's a conspiracy for you: a whole bunch of popular queens from past seasons have dates missing from their calendars in July.

    1. Trixie Mattel doesn't have any appearances until August 6th, which is allegedly when All Stars 3 ends filming.

    2. Adore Delano, who famously left All Stars 2 and was invited back for All Stars 3, doesn't have anything scheduled until August 19th.

    3. Courtney Act has been booked solid for months and has shows 'til the end of August—with the glaring omission of July.

    4. According to Chi Chi DeVayne's website, her last scheduled gig was July 30th, with nothing scheduled for the future.

    5. Willam, who was notoriously eliminated in Season 4, has a gap in her schedule: several days of "filming in Palm Springs" and then nothing for the rest of the month. Very curious.

    6. Thorgy Thor's last scheduled appearance was June 19th.

    7. Katya doesn't start touring again until September, according to her calendar. Could she be back for round 3?

    8. Gia Gunn's last scheduled appearance was June 27th, with no future appearances listed.

    9. Milk, who's normally busy, has an empty calendar for the time being.

    10. Manila Luzon's last appearance was July 1st, with nothing more to come.

    11. Derrick Barry has almost nothing scheduled for almost all of July.

    12. And here's something odd: Eureka O'Hara, who had to leave Season 9 due to an injury, was famously invited back for Season 10. She has July, August, AND September missing from her calendar, before appearances pick up again. Could she be locked in for Season 10 and All Stars 3?

    Could these be the 12 queens for All Stars 3? Maybe! Maybe they're all filming Hurricane Bianca 2. Who can be sure?

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