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    I Redrew My Childhood Art And Here's What Happened

    I clearly peaked at 6.

    Recently my mom found a bunch of my childhood art and sent me photos.

    I decided to redraw some of it to see how much I've changed since then, and here are the results.

    This is a pretty accurate portrayal of me as a kid: My teacher gave me an assignment and I completely disregarded it and drew whatever the hell I wanted. There's a lot going on in this drawing, which I can't even begin to explain.

    A lot of the art my mom sent to me was most likely done as part of an assignment, so I have no idea what this dude's bright idea was.

    The note in the corner reads, "Adam says this is mommy when she's yelling." Apparently my mom is a demon?

    Child Adam could've benefitted from some artistic editing. Is this a cat? Some sort of raspberry-penguin hybrid Pokémon? I don't know.

    I went through a phase as a kid where I intentionally misspelled words, for reasons I can't begin to fathom. I'm pretty sure those bottles say "snake gas," "poisoned water," "poisoned dragon liver," "mice blood," and "turtle shells," but that last one is a shot in the dark. I find it sort of obnoxious that I misspelled everything, so I corrected myself in the redraw.

    "MU, CAT, SLEEPƧ INUERANDSHEES 12 YRSOD." If anyone can explain where exactly Mu Cat sleeps, please share your wisdom, because I'm at a loss.

    I couldn't redraw everything, but here's some more art by Young Me for your enjoyment/dismay.

    Everyone's favorite folktale characters, CTKINLITOOL and GOOSY LOOSY.

    And don't forget popular cartoon character MECEE MAODE.

    Not a single one of these weapons is practical.

    The best cat and ghost I've ever drawn in my entire life.



    "A girl spider." OK, sure.

    This sheep seems like bad news, honestly.

    I don't even know.

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