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23 GIFs Of Otters That Will Make You Wish You Could Have One For A Pet

You otter be ashamed of yourself if you don't love these critters.

Otters are wild animals and obviously shouldn't be kept as pets. But that doesn't mean you can't dream.

Here's 23 reasons why otters would make perfect companions.

1. Otters are brave and they'll defend against dangerous intruders.

2. They'll help you retrieve household items.

3. They're fantastic dancers.

4. And talented actors.

5. They appreciate the simple things. They're easily amused by something as simple as a pebble.

6. Seriously, they love pebbles.

7. Like, they really love pebbles.

8. Pebbles all day urr day.

9. But they like other toys, too.

10. They appreciate nature. Look how excited they get over this butterfly:

11. There is literally nothing more charming than a romp of otters chasing a butterfly.

12. Otters are expressive artists.

13. They're wonderful musicians.

14. And they're skilled athletes.

15. They understand your love of food and will never shame you for overeating.

16. They love to laugh.

17. They make responsible parents.

18. Their lil' noggins fit perfectly into chain link fences, which isn't useful at all but it sure is cute.

19. They'll cheer for you when you succeed. Otters are very supportive creatures.

20. They're friendly and caring, and they'll never let you go.

21. It's impossible not to let otters squirm into your heart.

22. Look how eager they are. Take one home. Put it in a tiny dress. Name it Myrtle.

23. "Pick me, pick me! I'll fill that void in your heart!"