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    Find Out Your Celtic Tree Symbol And What It Says About You

    The traditional zodiac is so passé.

    Adam Ellis / Via Flickr: cedwardbrice

    The Overachiever. Children born under the birch are relentlessly ambitious and make for wonderful leaders. They're hardworking and must win at any cost. Birches make loyal friends, as they're inherently trustworthy and highly social. A birch should be wary of his or her workaholic tendencies, for it can lead to health issues down the road. Luckily, birches tend to be heavily regimented in regards to personal health and fitness. Birches can be somewhat cynical and occasionally rigid when it comes to routines, and loneliness is something a birch will most likely deal with at some point.

    The Overthinker. Those born under the Rowan tree are tasteful, insightful, and discerning. Artistic and unconventional, they're idealistic and often visionaries, growing impatient with restriction to freedoms. Though rowans can seem calm and collected, they're passionate when it comes to issues of justice. They're natural born leaders and hate to follow the crowd. They might even have issues with authority. They're naturally curious, and their humor tends to be on the absurd side. Rowans are unpredictable and may not marry until late in life.

    The Enchanter. Those born under the ash tree are imaginative and free thinking. Ashes can be moody and withdraw at times, almost to the point of being reclusive, but they're exceedingly creative and artistic. They're easily inspired by the world around them, and they easily enchant people with their sparkling personalities. Ashes do well in creative fields, but also excel in science and theology. They don't worry too much about what others think, choosing instead to follow their arrow wherever it may take them.

    The Pioneer. Alder children are true trailblazers, gaining followers left and right. They're charming, intense, and very sociable. They seem to get along with everyone and can usually be found at the center of a party, languishing in the attention. Alders are naturally confident, which can be infectious to some, but a turn-off to others. Popularity can get to an alders head. Despite this, they have no patience for superficiality or fake people. Never waste an alder's time, and they won't waste yours.

    The Observant. Willows are majestic, somewhat mystical, and perhaps even a little bit psychic. Those born under the willow are wise and have a great understanding of their peers and the world around them. Willows hold wonderful perspective and give great advice, since they're kind and realistic. Likewise, they're more patient than most, and they make excellent partners and parents, should they choose to be. They're knowledgable and seek to always be learning. If a willow follows his or her heart, there's absolutely no stopping them.

    The Master of Disguise. Those born under the hawthorn are not what they seem. Mysterious, at times even strange, hawthorns harbor secret personas and reveal themselves to only a select few. Should you underestimate a hawthorn, you will most certainly regret it. Hawthorns are perfect listeners, but they retain everything and forget nothing. They're humorous, ironic, and insightful. They could just as easily be the hero or the villain in the story—and sometimes both.

    The Stable Force. Those born under the mighty oak are strong, stable, and unshakeable. They possess physical strength, but also an iron will. Oaks are natural caretakers and protective of those who need it. An oak will always root for the underdog. They're optimistic, charitable, and highly respectful of others. They seek harmony in all aspects of their life, and as such live long and happy lives. Pair up with an oak, and you'll have little to worry about.

    The Born Leader. Those born under the holly tree are truly royal. High minded, almost haughty at times, they are commonly found in leadership roles, whether at home or at work. "Obstacle" isn't even in a holly's vocabulary, as they can overcome almost anything with ease. Hollies can be overly competitive and hard on themselves when they lose (though that rarely happens). Though kind and generous, they can grow tired of people who question their authority. As a natural achiever, a holly might not understand when something doesn't go their way.

    The Knowledge Seeker. Those born under the hazelnut tree are anything but nutty. They're smart and organized, and naturally gifted in school. Hazelnuts should be wary of becoming the teacher's pet, as it's a little to easy to come off as a know-it-all. Sometimes it can't be helped, since those of this sign are simply intelligent and can't hide it. Hazelnuts can be a little finicky, and hate it was things are cluttered. They always follow the rules, but more importantly understand the need for rules.

    The Unpredictable. The vine is adaptable and unpredictable, changing to suit the situation. They're elegant and classy, though at times they can be indecisive and often need the emotional support of someone else to thrive. They actually excel as followers, not because they need to be led by the hand, but because their talents are often very specific and leadership roles can overwhelm. They're refined and tend toward the luxurious, and they have a great adoration of all things beautiful.

    The Resilient. Those born under ivy are arguably the most sought after of all the signs. They're witty and intelligent, and they possess a drive that ensures they can overcome anything. Ivies are compassionate, giving, and loyal. They're deep, soulful, and breathtakingly graceful. They easily charm, but it's never superficial. Though quiet and sweet, they're comfortable in social situations. If they don't show up to a party, they're presence is certainly missed.

    The Inquisitive. Those born under the reed love to hear secrets and always know the best gossip. Never try to withhold something from a reed, because they'll get it out of you anyway. They love a good story, and they're gifted storytellers themselves. The live for scandals and they make fabulous writers. They can easily manipulate others should they choose to, but since they have a strong sense of justice and fairness, one rarely needs to be wary of a reed's scheming.

    The Wildchild. Those born under the elder love their freedom and they can't be tamed. They tend to be thrill seekers and "live for today" is their motto. Elders are extroverted and fun, but this masks a thoughtful, philosophical nature. Not many people can keep up with elders, as they live their lives a mile a minute. Elders make great partners because they're genuine, kind, and truthful—in fact, too truthful at times. Their penchant for brutal honesty can be off-putting, but they mean well.

    Tree pattern by Ellie Jenkins.

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