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30 Crow Puns That Will Have You Squawking With Laughter

These puns are for the birds.

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1. Where do crows go to get drunk?

2. What kind of crows always stick together?

3. What leisurely sport do crows love to play?

4. What do you call a criminal crow?

5. What are criminal crows afraid of?

6. What is a crow's favorite Netflix original drama series?


7. What's a crow's favorite magazine?

Jen Lewis

8. Where do crows listen to live music?

9. How do crows communicate between offices?

10. Who is a crow's favorite actor?

Universal Pictures

11. Who is a crow's least favorite actress?


12. What do crows drink to stay awake?

13. What do older Jewish crow ladies drink to stay awake?

14. What's a crow's favorite vegetable?

Etbe / Via

15. What kind of articles do crows write?

16. What do crows wear on Halloween?

17. Who brings presents to crows on Christmas?

18. What do lil' baby crows call their poop?

19. What do crows type on?

20. What do crows walk on through Boston's scenic Beacon Hill neighborhood?

21. What did the one crowbro do to his fellow crowbro that caused a female crow to lose interest in him sexually?

22. What's it called when crows line up to dance?

23. What giant grocery store do crows love to shop at?

24. Who do crows talk to to resolve problems in the workplace?

25. What body part was very pronounced on the extremely skinny crow model?

26. Who is a crow's favorite Asian news reporter?

27. Who is a crow's second favorite Asian news reporter?

28. Who is a crow's favorite bratty hormonal book character from the '50s?

Flickr: pandiyan

from the novel CAWtcher in the Rye.

29. What's a crow's favorite nutty dessert?

30. What do you call two crows just hanging around?

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