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Stupid Low Calorie Dinner Ideas That Reflect What Eating Healthy Actually Feels Like

Step one: Cry.

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Detoxifying Dinner Salad

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Grab a small handful of spinach leaves and eat them while watching a show about cupcakes on The Food Network. Your tears will season the spinach.

Sun-dried Tomato Surpise

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The sun

Gently hold a tomato in your hands and stare at the sun until both you and the tomato shrivels up. Delicious pizza awaits you in death.

Low-cal Taco Party

Adam Ellis / Via 20th Century Fox


Just a bean

When the company you work for orders tacos for lunch, limit yourself to a single pinto bean. Ask one of your co-workers who isn't on a diet to breathe their sour cream breath on your succulent bean.

Tasty Chia Seed Snacks

Adam Ellis / Via FOX


Magic Spells

Chia Seeds

Before going to bed, sprinkle chia seeds around your bed to keep food nightmares away. In the morning, burn your next door neighbor for being a witch. See if she has any Snickers bars in her pantry and eat as many as you can before the cops show up.

Sensible Milkshake Indulgence

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Ice Cream

Full Fat Whipped Cream

Maraschino Cherries

Blend the milk and ice cream, top with whipped cream and cherry. Give the milkshake to a neighborhood orphan and insist that they make eye contact with you while they consume it. Go home and eat steamed cauliflower in silence.

Cookie Party For One

Adam Ellis / Via CBS



Fill a picnic basket with butter cookies, but don't eat them yet. Wander into the woods and leave a trail of cookie crumbs to find your way home. In the forest, ponder your existence. Ah, but what's this? 500 years have passed. Mankind is extinct. Eat a cookie — it's your cheat day!

The Seafood Diet

Adam Ellis / Via Disney



You don't need food, food is for humans! You're a mermaid now. Eat slime. Lick algae off rocks. There are no calories and it's loaded with beta carotene. Lose weight. Marry a prince. Your best friend is a fish.

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