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The 17 Best Notes Ever Written By Drunk People

Blame it on the alcohol.

1. The time that this person courteously left a snack to help with their hangover.

2. When drunk Dan put sober Dan in his place.

3. This person knew ahead of time that things were about to get a whole lot worse.

4. When this person only had one thing on their mind.

5. At least this person knows the importance of laundry, even when drunk.

6. This erotic love letter.

7. The covers and sheets are clean, but the tub is not.

8. This is a totally valid artistic endeavor.

9. When this person put together a grocery list with only the most important things on it.

10. There is a beauty and simplicity in this command to look up the mysterious "skull with six tentacles."

11. This extremely clear message.

12. The "lol" here really helps offset the fact that Angela is missing.

13. When this person saved their hungover self from accidentally imbibing a whole lot more.

14. This guy reminded himself that there was a hot tub waiting to help out with his hangover.

15. When drunk Ross actually got his shit together for once.

16. After starting to write "my dad," this person realized that they'd actually rather keep their dad in the dark about that night.

17. And the drunk who not only cleaned up after himself, but drew a lovely picture better than most people could have drawn sober.

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