What The Holiday Season Is Like For Someone Who Doesn't Celebrate Christmas

Drowning in a sea of red and green.

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The deluge of Christmas cards begins to appear in your mailbox, but you have nothing to send back.


I guess you could send out a non-denominational winter festival card, but it doesn't really have the same ring.

You're really confused when you're faced with anything that isn't a basic Christmas tree.

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Advent calendar? Is that like a calendar for advertising ventilation systems?

You try to make some jokes to fit in, but some people take the whole thing REALLY seriously.


Sorry I attempted to use humor to relate to you because this holiday is literally all you've been talking about for three weeks now.

And then — inevitably — someone you don't know very well asks what your big plans for Christmas are.


Which is only awkward because of how awkward they feel when you tell them you don't celebrate.