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21 Important Love Lessons Leslie Knope Taught You

The queen of Pawnee knows her stuff.

1. First of all, never sell yourself short.

2. Because there are plenty of people who love you — including yourself.

3. So even when circumstances seem dire, don't discount your chance to find love.

4. Go after what you want.

5. Especially when it's a special ~celebrity~ crush.

6. When you're on the prowl for a new mate, feel confident in your look.

7. You should never forget to show your friends love as well.

8. And make sure not to push your friends to the side just for ~a man~.

9. (Remember, though: If push comes to shove, you always deserve first choice of lovers over all your friends.)

10. The best way to respond to people who want to deny others love is with a powerful side-eye.

11. The way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

12. Don't forget to practice safe sex.

13. When you do find someone, remember that you should actually enjoy being around them.

14. Although it is also important to recognize that everyone has faults.

No one is perfect.

15. And just because you get into a fight doesn't mean that your love isn't strong.

16. Always remember that you and your partner are a team.

17. And you should never feel ashamed to exclaim your love for them.

18. Also, remember to compliment them so they know how you really feel.

19. Take your time to enjoy all the big moments.

20. But remember that the small moments of togetherness are beautiful as well.

21. And no matter how your love life with other people is going, remember that you still have the truest love of all — breakfast foods.