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    For Everyone Who Secretly Hates "Friends"


    Listen, we know that Friends is a beloved sitcom and cultural bastion of millennial identity. But just because it's popular doesn't mean you have to love it.

    1. Friends had a lot of gay jokes, as did many '90s sitcoms, but anyone worth their salt knows that dancing isn't gay, it's just plain fun.

    2. Also, Ross was always upset about how his wife left him for a woman, but let's be real, any sane person would leave his whiny ass, too.

    3. (And let's not even get started about what a terrible father Ross is to the child he had with her).

    Ben didn't seem to make it to Ross's wedding, which is weird considering he's Ross's son. Also, Ross never seemed to care that Rachel was taking Emma all the way to France for her job!

    4. Can we all just admit at this point that Ross was a sociopath?

    5. And what was with always making fun of Monica's size?

    6. TBH, Joey is kind of a creep.

    7. He would definitely be ending his tweets with #NotAllMen.

    8. And why was Phoebe so casual about her super tragic backstory? We nearly cried every time she brought it up.

    9. Ross and Monica are SUPER open with each other. Like, would you really want to know about your sibling's sex life? Really though?!

    10. And Ross is just so bland — but at least his blandness was well-matched by Rachel's.

    Will they, won't they, on again, off again... meh.

    11. Phoebe doesn't have a real job most of the time. And yet she has her own apartment? LOL OK SURE.

    12. In fact, all these characters are either clearly a) not experienced enough for the jobs they do have, or b) unable to actually live in New York on their salaries.

    13. And anyone who's actually in New York knows the pain of seeing the apartments these people live in and knowing how far out of reach they truly are.

    14. And let's be real – that entire episode about Chandler moving to Yemen... like are we supposed to believe Janice can't figure out he's making it all up?

    15. But one of the show's worst sins is the vocabulary it attempted to create.

    16. And last but not least: THE SHOW WASN'T ACTUALLY THAT FUNNY.

    In conclusion, it's OK to dislike Friends, and now you have legitimate reasons to dislike it. Sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    UPDATE: The tone of this post has been changed. Reminder: it's OK to dislike Friends.