13 TV Shows You Should Watch Over The Holidays

    Because obviously TV is better than spending time with your drunken family.

    The holiday season is all about three things: family, relaxing, and watching as much TV as you possibly can.

    There are a few criteria for what makes a good holiday TV show. Your show of choice should be one of these three things:

    1) A widely discussed show from the past year that you missed.

    2) A show returning from hiatus (or being rebooted) sometime in the next year.

    3) A show with a small enough number of episodes that you can easily binge your way through them while waiting on Santa to get his shit together and just bring your presents already.

    These rules aren't always hard and fast, but keeping them in mind, here are some shows to watch this holiday season.

    1. The Missing

    2. Getting On

    3. Black Mirror

    4. The Fall

    5. Jane the Virgin

    6. The Americans

    7. Fargo

    8. Twin Peaks

    9. Happy Valley

    10. Outlander

    11. The Returned (Les Revenants)

    12. Homeland

    13. Girls