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    Toss That Old Mattress — Tuft & Needle Mattresses Are 20% Off For Prime Day

    You can save up to $150 on two of their mattresses — and sweet dreams to you and your wallet.

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    Hi, hello, I need your attention!!! If you love to sleep (and sleep comfortably at that) you need to hear about this stellar deal in a sea full of Prime Day deals.



    Tuft & Needle — a bed-in-a-box brand — is offering 20% off on TWO of their best mattresses: Their original mattress and the Nod mattress made *just* for Amazon.


    We'll get into the specifics of each, but in summary, the Nod mattress is smaller and more affordable compared to their original mattress. Both are amazing, both are on sale, and can I get an AMEN?!

    Their original 10-inch mattress is made with their ~adaptive foam~ that makes it supportive but not too firm, comfy but not too soft — you know, the things you'd want in a mattress — and it starts at $280 for Prime Day (originally $350+)!!!


    And what exactly is this magical adaptive foam, you ask? According to Tuft & Needle, it has a "bouncy yet supportive feel perfect for all sleeping positions" and is designed feel cool while you sleep. Plus, it has a “localized bounce” so you won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

    Not only that, but their incredibly breathable fabric that incases the foam doesn't trap tons of heat so you can stay cool. Hot sleepers, rejoice.

    And! It's also Certi-PUR and Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified, which, in plain English, means it's made with materials that you can feel good about.

    And that's not all, folks. Their original mattress is beloved by A TON of people. It has 6,600+ positive reviews and a 4.1-star rating.

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    "I upgraded to this after having the same old spring mattress for 13 years (waaaay too long). I've had it for around a month. The top layer of the mattress contains a cooling foam material. When you touch the mattress directly, you can definitely feel the heat being pulled away from your skin. This is awesome for people like me who can't sleep when a mattress is too warm. As far as firmness goes, I would describe this mattress as soft yet supportive. In case this is not clear, that is a compliment, not a dig, and I don't think it should deter those looking for a firm mattress. I have chronic lower back issues and was afraid it might be too soft. That is not the case. This mattress is incredibly soft and comfortable on the top layer which is great for back or side sleeping. The lower foam layer is more dense and supportive which creates a nice supportive feel that allows the curvature of your body to sink into the mattress slightly while not putting your back and joints into uncomfortable positions. This is not a memory foam mattress so it bounces right back when you push against it. Some people complain about gross chemical smells with these bed-in-a-box mattresses so I was very mindful of that. This mattress is of amazing quality, and there was absolutely no smell from the moment I opened it."GD 2009

    "I have a bad back from an injury in the Army. I wake up in the middle of the night from back pain often. Since I’ve been using this Tuft & Needle, I haven’t woken up once with back pain. I wish I bought this brand years ago. It’s not super soft or hard, it’s like a medium firmness. It supports my back perfectly. I don’t cave into the mattress like my old one. I’m a stomach sleeper, and it’s very supportive and I don’t sink into the mattress. I know people have different tastes with mattresses, but this one has been a miracle for me." —Michael J. Snow

    Now, the Nod mattress is *also* 20% off and is Tuft & Needle's more affordable version made just for Amazon shoppers. It's an all-foam mattress with an 8-inch height (so smaller than the original), and comes with a lower price tag of $220+ for Prime Day.


    Just like the original mattress, it's delivered straight to your door in a convenient box. You can even test it out for 100 nights, and if you're not satisfied, they'll offer you a full refund and donate the mattress to a charity of your choice. We love!

    And in a surprise to no one, this Nod mattress is also adored. It has a 4.3-star rating and some glowing reviews.

    Amazon /

    "This mattress is everything you'd hoped to find and more. It shipped incredibly quick, right to my door within 24 hours of placing my order. Assembly was a breeze, and we love the narrow profile of this specific T&N bed. The mattress is the perfect balance of firmness and support and its comfort level is beyond any other bed that we tried before deciding on this one. It stays cool throughout the night like we never thought possible. I never thought I would be one to rave about a mattress but this has literally made all of our waking moments better by letting our sleeping ones actually be restful!" —Allison

    "It's been almost a month since we've received the Nod mattress by Tuft and Needle. I had no clue about this company or their products but liked the fact that we could do a trial run of 100 nights. My husband and I both sleep great! Initially we thought it was too soft. We soon realized that while the first layer is soft and enveloping, the underlying layer is very supportive. Best of both worlds. In the past, I would wake up from a nights sleep with my back aching and feeling fatigued — needing to get out of bed immediately to stretch and work out the kinks. Now when I wake up, I feel like a teenager again, wanting to stay in bed for as long as possible. My back feels much better these days." —Erica L.

    Sweet dreams, sleepers!


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Get the original mattress starting at $280 and the Nod mattress for $220 (both available in sizes twin-California king).

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