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    19 Tips To Help Make You A More Savvy Traveler

    Because there's nothing worse than realizing you're unprepared midway through your journey. Thanks to Quora.

    1. Bring sandwich-sized Ziploc bags to keep important items like phones and passports dry and organized.

    2. Refill travel size bottles with your personal favorite products.

    3. Plan ahead for airport security by wearing easily removable shoes, pants that don't need a belt, etc.

    4. Make sure your important travel documents are stored using an online service so that if you lose your physical copies, you'll still have a way to access the information.

    5. Put anything absolutely essential in your carry on, just in case your checked luggage gets lost.

    6. If you're planning on bringing back souvenirs, take a small duffel bag that you can easily store on the way over and then use it to carry your new stuff on the way back.

    7. Buy a set of universal power adaptors, because you never know what kinds of plugs you might run into traveling abroad.

    8. Take some chapstick and a (small) tube of moisturizer to prevent dry skin on long flights.

    9. Pack a lot of non-iron clothing — it's easier to pack and doesn't require you to bank on a hotel having adequate ironing materials.

    10. Bring along band-aids or moleskin, especially on trips where you plan to be walking a lot.

    11. A scarf can be useful for wearing or as a blanket on a cold flight — plus it can be put on a dirty seat if you need somewhere to sit.

    12. Because you never know when a runny nose will hit, carry a few small packets of tissues.

    13. Take an array of medications, especially something to deal with nausea/diarrhea...because no one wants that during their vacation.

    14. If you wear glasses, bring a backup pair on the off chance that your main pair breaks or gets lost. (Or bring extra contacts if you use those instead of glasses.)

    15. Take along a mini flashlight, because who knows when you'll find yourself in darkness with no electricity around.

    16. Make sure to have a small sewing kit if you have any clothes that you *need* to wear and can't risk getting ruined.

    17. Nailclippers are great for not only taking care of your nails, but working as makeshift scissors to open packages, cut thread, etc.

    18. A safety whistle, especially if you're traveling alone or are an adventure traveler, is always a smart idea.

    19. Or, if you're afraid of getting weighed down, just bring the absolute minimum amount you can survive with.