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28 Thoughts That All Anxious Travelers Experience

*Prays that I remembered to lock the door before leaving home*

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1. "I need to leave my house at least 30 minutes earlier than needed just to be absolutely sure that I'm there on time."

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Who knows what kind of traffic I might hit???

2. "Oh god a red light this is it I am definitely going to be late and miss my flight."

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3. "Ugh, this check-in line looks so long — what if I can’t make it through security on time?"

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4. "I hope I remembered to take everything out of my pockets for this metal detector."

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I don't have time for a pat-down — I only have another hour to get to my gate!

5. "OK, I’m at the gate. Time to start freaking out about the flight itself."

Conaco / Via

6. "The plane is just a huge metal cylinder. Why am I trusting this thing with my life?"

E4 / Via

7. "What if I start to feel sick? THERE’S NOWHERE TO GO. I AM AT THE MERCY OF THE FLYING TUBE."

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8. "What if the person next to me gets sick and then I get sick because I’m worried about their sickness oh god why."

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9. "I could really use a drink right about now."

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Or a Xanax. Or SOMETHING.

10. (*Arrives at destination, waiting at baggage claim*) "Wait what if my bag is lost what will I do?"

I don't have any extra clothes or shoes or toiletries MY WHOLE LIFE IS IN THERE.

11. "IT’S NOT ONE OF THE FIRST 20 BAGS SOUND THE ALARM IT MUST BE MISSING oh just kidding there it is."

12. "I know I booked a hotel room, but what if they overbooked and I have nowhere to sleep?"

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13. *Triple checks to make sure wallet hasn’t gone missing*

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14. "And I’ve definitely got my passport and other documents that I might need, right? RIGHT?"

15. *Checks wallet again because you can never be too sure*

16. "Let’s just go to sleep at the hotel and in the morning I will be fresh and ready for my vacation."

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17. *Wakes up* "OK let’s get to these 20 things I have planned for the day god I hope there’s time for it all."

18. I can’t get any weird diseases here, right? The cats don’t have a special kind of murder-y rabies or something?

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19. I got all the shots I was supposed to, BUT WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T WORK?

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20. *Checks wallet again because you need to check at least five times a day*

Miramax Films / Via

21. Wait. Did I lock my hotel room when I left this morning?

22. Wait. Did I lock my house when I left for this trip???

Fox / Via

23. OK, I’m just going to calm down and stop worrying for the rest of this trip.

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24. No, really. No more worrying that everything I eat or drink might give me food poisoning.

Bravo / Via

25. No more thinking about what I would do if my house were broken into while I'm away.

NBC / Via

26. I'm not even going to think about what might happen if I got on a bus going in the wrong direction and ended up stranded in the middle of the woods in a strange area with no supplies.

NBC / Via

Definitely not thinking about that.

27. Nope, I'm just going to relax and enjoy this vacation without any more worry.

Nickelodeon / Via

(Fine, maybe some more worry, but not too much.)

28. *End of vacation* See, I did it, and I only worried a little bit! Time to go home and take a vacation from the stress of taking a vacation.

Lifetime / Via

Let me just check that I've got my wallet one last time before leaving for the airport.

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