There Is A Website That Automatically Puts Nicolas Cage’s Face On People’s Instagram Selfies

And it is GLORIOUS.

1. This is the result when you search for the #selfie tag on Instagram, one of the site’s most popular tags with over 50 million photos.

2. This is Nicolas Cage, Oscar winner and one of America’s most popular actors.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

3. And this is what happens when you combine the two.

4. The site is called “Feeling Cagey?” and it is possibly the most genius thing ever created.

5. Created by Josh McMillan, the site automatically tracks Instagram photos tagged “selfie” and photoshops Nicolas Cage’s face onto them.

Here’s McMillan’s own Cage-ified selfie.

6. The results are, to put it simply, astoundingly gorgeous.

7. In essence, it is now the greatest website in existence and you must look at it.


8. So go check it out.

H/T Uproxx

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