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The 32 Nerdiest Jokes Of 2013

Time to flex that humor muscle. Your brain, of course.

1. This series of historically accurate texts.

2. This addition to the periodic table.

3. This accidental slip.

4. This joke from someone who just finished reading Inferno.

5. This Christmas decoration.

6. When this guy was caught tripping on acid.

7. This attempt at flirting.

8. Along with this slightly more appropriate one.

9. This geological observation.

10. When this person thought about black holes a little differently.

11. When we learned how beer is brewed.

12. This astute understanding of where velociraptors come from.

13. This fishy wordplay.

14. When the programmer followed orders exactly.

15. This clever riddle.

16. This sugary concoction.

17. This spooky distribution chart.

18. When we learned where Bill came from.

19. This divisive topic of conversation.

20. This biological insult.

21. This discussion of the intricacies of calculus.

22. When we learned what happened to Schrödinger's cat.

23. And when this pie chart helped explain his theories.

24. When Stephen Colbert couldn't stand a grammatical mix-up.

25. When T'Aaliyah displayed her knowledge of punctuation.

26. This cinematic joke.

27. This ferrous wheel.

28. When this atom's electron was lost.

29. This clever marketing strategy.

30. Anything that Overly Suave IT Guy said.

31. This shrewd understanding of Marxism.

32. And the nerdiest vandalism of the year.