The 21 Most Relatable Things Kids Have Ever Done

    From the mouths of babes come truths that govern us all.

    1. When this kid's guide to sex was pretty much spot on.

    2. When this kid captured exactly how you feel when one of your parents says "no" but the other says "yes."

    3. When this kid came up with the best plan for $100.

    4. When Peggy planned out your ideal weekend.

    5. When this kid's face perfectly captured what you look like after downing a few glasses of wine.

    6. When this kid decided she was fed up with authority.

    7. When this baby perfectly captured your relationship with food.

    8. When this kid loved nachos just as much as you.

    9. When this kid showed how everyone feels about their celebrity nemesis.

    10. When Collin made some reasonable requests of his mother.

    11. When this girl's interpretation of art was spot-on.

    12. When this boy knew that life is all about those dolla, dolla bills.

    13. When this girl did exactly what you would do in response to such a glorious bar of chocolate.

    14. When this kid had no time for brainteasers.

    15. When this boy basically summed up your relationship with your couch.

    16. When this young writer filled out a Mad Lib better than you could.

    17. When this kid showed us that there's never a wrong time for your favorite food.

    18. When this kid proved that no matter who we are, there are some things that connect us all.

    19. When Ethan's sister got right to the heart of sibling rivalry.

    20. When this kid's Christmas list was essentially the exact same as yours.

    21. And when this girl's attempt to sit down basically summed up life in general.