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The Friendship Between This Abandoned Dog And Paralyzed Cat Will Melt Your Heart

Further proof that animals have the biggest hearts ever.

Meet Ruth and Idgie.

Ruth is the lovely kitty, Idgie the darling dachshund. They were named after the characters from Fried Green Tomatoes because of their special bond.

The two were found abandoned together at the end of someone's driveway by Animal Services and taken to Hollywood Hounds in Orlando, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Ruth has some health issues, but that doesn't matter to Idgie.

As Jacqueline Borum, an operating partner at the store, explains, "We've had bonds between animals; I don't know that we've ever seen anything quite like this with a cat and a dog."

"They were found together and the dachshund absolutely loves this kitten," says Borum.

"When Idgie gets a new toy, she always takes it over to the cat."

And anytime a new dog shows up, Idgie is first on the scene to make sure it doesn't try to bother Ruth.

Although Hollywoods Hounds does adoptions through both Animal Services and other rescue groups, they've decided to adopt Idgie and Ruth themselves.

Idgie and Ruth, best friends forever.

Be sure to watch the entire heartwarming story.

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h/t Hannah Lawrence