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The Definitive Ranking Of "Zoom" Cast Member Introductions

Come on and zoom, come on and zoom, come on and zoom, zoom, zoom-a ZOOM!

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Note: This ranking does not include the original Zoom seasons from the 1970s. It also leaves out Seasons 6 and 7 of the reboot, which used a different introduction style than the first five seasons.

Without any further ado, let's begin.

34. Mike, Season 5


This would be ranked much higher if Mike paused long enough to let us see who he actually is. Unfortunately, the high-speed hopping really drags this one down.

27. Caroline, Season 5


Girl, we can tell that you're faking surprise. Maybe if Caroline weren't smiling BEFORE the flowers popped up, this would be more believable.

But at least she used a prop.

26. Alisa, Season 1


Not really sure what this dance move is called, but I'm OK with it. The weird thing at the end where she presents her arms to the viewer is eccentric, in a good way. But again: WE NEED MORE FROM YOU, ALISA.

21. Kaleigh, Season 4


The close up is a little weird, bringing back memories of Zoe's uncontrollable head-shaking from Season 2. But then we pan out and see the top hat and cane, and this intro immediately improves by at least 75%.

13. Garrett, Season 5


Garrett really seems to have learned from his Season 4 mistakes. He doesn't aim for as high-concept this time, but keeps it simple with a classic skateboard flip.

12. Caroline, Season 4


Definitely Caroline's best showing. It seems like someone pushed the stuffed animals from behind, so her surprise actually comes across as genuine for once. WAY TO (kind of) REDEEM YOURSELF!

10. Jared, Season 1


The master of the spin. He sets it up with an arm-bopping and comes out of the spin into what looks like the beginnings of a classic "bring it around town." Solid.

9. Kaleigh, Season 3


Really, this could have been anyone. But Kaleigh just happened to be the lucky one who got to introduce herself while this FUCKING AMAZING swag shot out of the wall.

7. Aline, Season 5


The upside-down schtick could have seemed bleh in the hands of the wrong Zoomer. But Aline's smile (and pigtails, let's be honest) help save it from being too cliched.

6. Kenny, Season 3


Clearly a man of many talents. It's impressive that Kenny is able to keep his concentration while focusing not only on introducing himself, but on making sure those balls don't fall.

Side note: Can we please talk about how Kenny and Caroline were SUCH an item back then? I ship them to this day.

4. Estuardo, Season 4


Although he was a major disappointment in Season 5, Estuardo provided one of the highlights of the Season 4 introduction sequence. His moves are smooth as butter and he's totally rocking it.

2. Kenny, Season 2


The classic "I'm going down an escalator" gambit. Kenny is obviously well versed in the history of comedic introductions, and TOTALLY commits with the facial expression at the end. Bravo.

1. Lynese, Season 1


Perfect in its simplicity. The shoulder-shake is one for the ages. Plus, Lynese capped off Season 1's intros, leaving us with the indelible "And I'm Lynese!" that would cast its spell over every future Zoomer.


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