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    The Definitive Ranking Of Types Of French Fries

    You say potato, I say give me all the fries now.

    First, let's get one thing straight. Potatoes are delicious in all forms. There are no losers here.

    Second, there are so many uber-specific varieties of fries that there are, without a doubt, things missing from this list. We've tried to cover all the big hitters, at least. Please air your grievances in the comments section.

    OK, now let's get going.

    12. Potato wedges

    Flickr: diongillard

    Tons of tender potato, but unfortunately very little crunch. In some ways, these are more akin to baked potatoes than french fries. If you're a fan of baked potatoes, great! But if you're in the mood for true fries, these don't quite cut it.

    11. Crinkle-cut fries

    Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

    More style than substance, crinkle-cut fries provide a nice texture, but not much else to help them stand out from the pack.

    10. Chili cheese fries

    Joebelanger / Getty Images

    When you're in the mood for the saltiness of fries, the spicy and savory elements of chili cheese fries can catch you a bit off guard. They also lend these fries a heaviness that isn't always appealing.

    9. Steak fries

    Flickr: dongkwan

    Not quite as thick-cut as potato wedges, and with a bit more crispness, these fries are certainly nothing to scoff at. And when they mix with the juices from a nice steak? *Chef finger kiss*

    8. Poutine

    Flickr: jenarrr

    Gravy. Cheese. Fries. Enough said. Plus, you can act super ~worldly~ and ~cosmopolitan~ when you eat them.

    7. Shoestring potatoes

    Flickr: edsel_

    Shoestring potatoes are like a long slice of potato goodness, with slight curls built in to ensure that any one piece of potato doesn't get too stiff. So while you still get a great crunch, you've also got a bit more adventure for your mouth to enjoy.

    6. Regular fries

    Flickr: muyyum

    A classic. Solidly delicious, but not the most impressive. Still, you can never go wrong.

    5. Belgian fries

    Flickr: foodishfetish

    Belgian fries, you ask? What are those? Let me tell you β€” they are deliciously crispy slices of potato served alongside myriad dipping sauces and mayos. Traditionally served in a paper cone, they let you see all the grease that you're about to ingest. And while that might be gross to some, when it comes to these bad boys, it's absolutely awesome.

    4. Truffle fries

    Flickr: lising

    Truffles are fancy AF, so naturally truffle fries are some of the most delicious of the bunch. A bit garlicky to balance the pure saltiness of the potato, they provide a flavor combo that's hard to resist.

    3. Sweet potato fries

    Flickr: jeffreyww

    Sweet, salty, and just that little bit healthier so you don't have to feel so bad when you cram an entire serving into your mouth in one five minute sitting.

    2. Waffle fries

    Flickr: allenjaelee


    This is pure brilliance, friends. Not only do they look cool, but the unique shape allows for more surface area in which you can coat them with the sauce of your choice. Honey mustard? Ketchup? Mayo? Whatever you desire, waffle fries are the vessel that can make your potato dreams come to life.

    1. Curly fries

    Flickr: aphasiafilms

    This is it. The best of the best. The fry that puts the rest to shame. CURLY. FRIES.

    These babies combine the greatest attributes of numerous other fry styles β€” the curls from shoestring potatoes, the increased surface area of waffle fries, the perfect balance of crispness and tenderness. There is nothing that curly fries cannot do. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.