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    The Definitive Ranking Of Dog Breeds

    From Golden Retrievers to Tibetan Mastiffs, find out where your favorite breed stacks up.

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    Let's get some things straight:

    First, let's just agree that dogs are perfect animals and that any breed of dog could stand tall over all of the other creatures in the animal kingdom. We love them all, but when push came to shove, we just had to place some above others.

    Next, there are waaaay too many breeds out there for us to include every single one. We tried to choose the most well-known, popular, and culturally important pups, but certainly may have missed a few. Sorry :(

    Be aware that, in some cases, the two authors of this post disagreed on where a breed should be ranked and have added in their own comments to explain their beliefs about why that pooch is too high or too low.

    Finally, please be aware that this list is 100% objective and true and not at all informed by the specific biases of the authors. Not even a little bit.

    Now, on to the dogs.

    82. Chinese Crested

    Flickr: batwrangler / Creative Commons

    These pups can have ~majestic manes~, but measured up against the rest of these cuties, they’re just not as adorable. SORRY.

    81. Bull Terrier

    Flickr: rtadlock / Creative Commons

    OK, bull terriers might have pretty cute smiles, but they’re lacking in fluff. And while the facial structure is unique, it's more of an acquired taste. There’s not much comparison when it comes to cute here.

    80. Pharaoh Hound

    Flickr: clogwog / Creative Commons

    Those big ears might earn a tiny “squee,” but compared with the rest of the pups on this list, they just aren't enough.

    79. Komondor

    Flickr: 30416747@N00 / Creative Commons

    These moplike pups definitely earn points in the “unique” department, but on the cute scale, THEY’RE JUST NOT THAT HIGH UP.

    78. Puli

    Flickr: puliarfanita / Creative Commons

    Similar to the komondor, these mop-haired pups are have a lot of love to hide under that mane. But the dashing smile on these dudes is what puts them just one spot above the other scruffy pups.

    77. Basenji

    Flickr: 70253321@N00 / Creative Commons

    Ah, the only breed that can’t bark. Basenjis are in a league all their own because of their exquisite ability to yodel. Bonus: CHECK OUT THE CURLY TAIL. They are ranked so low because, despite their cool characteristics...they just aren't that popular.

    76. Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Flickr: joysaphine / Creative Commons

    Rhodesian ridgebacks are known for the characteristic “ridge” running down their spine — but what really sets these dogs apart is their sweet and loving nature (though their intelligence often gives them a little taste for ~mischief~).

    75. Belgian Malinois

    Kerri Lee Smith CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: 77654185@N07

    These dogs are the real heroes of the working-dog world. Whether they’re on the front lines as military working dogs or lending a paw in the police force, these dogs are almost always giving it their all.

    74. Afghan Hound

    Flickr: montanapets / Via Creative Commons

    Behold, the majestic Afghan hound. Look at the flowing locks, the stylish pose, the enchanting smile. Let’s be real: These pups are the style queens of the dog world.

    73. Foxhound

    Flickr: llimaorosa / Via Creative Commons

    These dogs have some of the greatest sniffers in the canine universe. But their most renowned trait? Their excellent singing voice. Foxhound howls can carry for miles — which is a bad thing if you're trying to sleep nearby.

    72. Keeshond

    Keeshonds don’t have the fluffiest fluff in the world, but they’re still pretty adorable. I mean, who could turn down a kiss from one of these cuties?

    71. Mastiff

    Flickr: gareth1953 / Creative Commons

    Mastiffs come in all different kinds, but one thing is true about all of them: These wrinkly faced buddies are full of love. Let’s keep in mind that they’re actual slobber machines, though. That’s one characteristic that takes their cuteness DOWN a notch.

    70. Tibetan Mastiff

    Flickr: mastino / Creative Commons

    Mastiff plus EXTREME fluff? Now we’re talking. The one reason these dogs aren’t higher up is because they’re so fluffy, they might be actual bears. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A DOG TO BE THAT FUZZY?!

    69. Pointer

    Flickr: 59262640@N00 / Creative Commons

    The floppy ears are the pointer’s defining characteristic — but they’re really just riding the middle road of adorableness. Those snouts are pretty damn kissable, though!

    68. Papillon

    Flickr: quattrovageena / Creative Commons

    Speaking of ears, Papillons have some of the fluffiest ears in the dog world. This is their defining cute characteristic, but their dainty lil’ puppy paws are pretty freakin’ adorable too. I mean, their tininess is what contributes to their cuteness.

    67. Brussels griffon

    Flickr: andrea_arden / Via Creative Commons

    OK, let’s be honest, Brussels griffons are awesome because they are basically Ewoks come to life. It’s like you can adopt your very own creature from the forest moon of Endor. Their faces might be a little weird, but that’s what makes them all the more lovable.

    66. Vizsla

    Dominik STRONCER CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: stroncer

    These redheaded sporting dogs are known for their affectionate nature, which is what catapults them up above some of the other floppy-eared cuties. Vizslas just want to be your best bud and really, there’s nothing cuter than that.

    65. Airedale Terrier

    Flickr: toaireisdivine / Via Creative Commons

    BACK IN THE LAND OF FLUFF WITH THE AIREDALE TERRIER. He doesn’t have the most flawless fur of the fluffy dog breeds, but still, he's pretty freaking cute. Plus, his adorable long snout means there’s a lot more puppy nose for you to kiss.

    64. Kerry Blue Terrier

    Flickr: 7404833@N03 / Creative Commons

    Pushed just a bit higher than her Airedale buddy because of her deep, lovely color.

    63. Doberman Pinscher

    Flickr: ccho / Creative Commons

    AT LAST, it's perhaps the pointiest of all the pointy-eared cuties. These noble pups come in all different sizes and ALL different kinds of adorable.

    62. Pomeranian

    Flickr: thepeachpeddler / Creative Commons

    These pint-size buddies are fluffballs of entertainment. Known for their cocky and sassy attitude, Poms have some of the biggest personalities in the doggy world. Alas, their overexposure has led many to start wondering if these pooches are a bit overrated. Either way, we love them.

    61. Pekingese

    Flickr: danielle_scott / Creative Commons

    If you’re looking for a tiny pup with extreme fluff, look no further. The Pekingese is kinda bizarre because they look like floating balls of fuzz — but that’s part of what makes them adorable.

    60. German shepherd

    Flickr: magnusbrath / Via Creative Commons

    A CLASSIC. Pointy ears. Loyal companion. And one of the smartest pups to ever pup: There’s really nothing you can’t love about German shepherds.

    59. Boxer

    Flickr: mythicseabass / Via Creative Commons


    58. English Bulldog

    Kaelin Tully

    Kaelin: Following the boxer’s kissable cheeks is the ENGLISH BULLDOG’S EXTREMELY SQUISHABLE FACE. You can’t look at it and not want to squish it. You just cannot.

    Adam: Sorry, English Bulldog lovers, but I just can't sit here without adding my two cents. Are these dogs cute? Yeah, for sure. But they're also slobbery and just a bit too stocky for my taste. Sorry :/

    57. Boston Terrier

    Flickr: 14020964@N02 / Via Creative Commons

    The Boston terrier really has it all when it comes to pint-sized pups. They’re the real champions of short-nosed dogs and who can resist a lil’ puppy snort from time to time?

    56. Border Terrier

    Flickr: gareth1953 / Creative Commons

    Border terriers are one of the most clever breeds. Aside from being wiry-haired cuties, these intelligent pups are known for being escape artists and troublemakers. They’re also sweet and loyal companions in addition to being smart as a whip.

    55. Great Pyrenees

    AND NOW WE’RE GETTING INTO THE HEAVY-HITTER FLUFFIES. There are few fuzzy dogs sweeter and more adorable than the good old Great Pyrenees. These gentle giants are just truly flawless. FLAWLESS I TELL YOU.

    54. Skye Terrier

    Flickr: skyeterrier / Creative Commons

    Skye terriers are pretty much down for anything. They’re all about loving life, and that’s possibly the cutest characteristic of all. BONUS: Those weird ears?? Kinda really freaking cute.

    53. Australian Cattle Dog

    These pups are smart, tough, and loyal, but most important — they are SPECKLED WITH INSANE CUTENESS. Who can resist?! No one. NO ONE I TELL YOU.

    52. Australian Shepherd

    Flickr: pschadler / Via Creative Commons

    Just as speckled, but with a little more fluff, the Australian shepherd comes in to show everyone that there's a lot more to him than just a cute face. They're not the cutest of the cute, but they're definitely one of the most hardworking breeds out there.

    51. Chow Chow

    And now we come to the pup who has completely revolutionized the fluff game: The Chow Chow. These dogs are a combination of wrinkles and fuzz in its most extreme form, which is really the cutest pairing you could ever ask for. Oh, and they are totally adorable when you blow-dry their fur.

    50. Shar Pei

    It is unclear if this is a dog or simply a collection of wrinkles. Either way, I'll take one.

    49. Whippet

    Flickr: felipecabeca / Creative Commons

    Don't be fooled by these delicate little cuties — they're real hard workers who know how to ~get down~. Plus: Note the sweet puppy dog eyes. TOTALLY IRRESISTIBLE.

    48. Great Dane

    Flickr: arnolouise / Via Creative Commons

    Here we are: The real and true gentle giants of the dog world. No matter how big these guys get, the love they have for their humans is even bigger.

    47. St. Bernard

    Flickr: groovymother / Creative Commons

    Staying with the theme of giants in the dog world, we have the St. Bernard. Who doesn't love the Beethoven dog?! I mean, really, they may be big-time droolers, but their fuzzy faces and sweet nature are incomparable.

    46. Newfoundland

    AND ROUNDING OUT THE BIG BOYS (for now) IS THE NEWFOUNDLAND. Full-on fluff, hardworking, and wonderful companions, Newfies are definitely one of the most lovable big-breed dogs on the block.

    45. Greyhound

    Flickr: calliope / Via Creative Commons

    These cuties may be renowned for their speed, but in reality, they're truly just lovable couch potatoes. Sweet, smart, and loyal as ever, Greyhounds are the champions of cuddling.

    44. Saluki

    Flickr: meteo / Creative Commons

    And now we see the supermodels of the dog world. In addition to being one of the oldest dog breeds, Salukis are a fast, delicate, and devoted breed. There really isn't a more glamorous pup out there.

    43. Dalmatian

    OBSERVE: THE SPECKLED BELLY. Is there really anything more to say?!

    42. English Sheepdog

    Flickr: npobre / Creative Commons

    English sheepdogs, the real-life cotton balls. They're fully committed to living the fluffy life, and that's why we love them so much.

    41. Rottweiler

    Flickr: azuaje / Creative Commons

    The only thing cuter than a Rottie's handsome face is his gentle and loving heart. These pups are powerful...POWERFULLY ADORABLE.

    40. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

    Flickr: ccho / Creative Commons

    And here we see the gentleman of the terrier family. The sweet, the loving, the INSANELY ADORABLE Dandie Dinmont terrier.

    39. Husky

    All right, let's cut right to the chase — the defining husky characteristic is their absolutely gorgeous eyes. That puppy gaze deserves every single snackie in the entire world. EVERY. LAST. ONE.

    38. Chihuahua

    Flickr: crispee / Creative Commons

    The world's smallest dog doesn't skimp when it comes to cute. These sassy little dudes don't know how small they are because they always come with A TON of personality, and that makes them EVEN MORE adorable.

    37. Bloodhound

    Flickr: 92305862@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    Kaelin: THE WRINKLED HEAD. THE FLOPPY EARS. THE DROOPY CHEEKS. It's all here, all the cute you'll ever really need.

    Adam: Sorry to be a hater again, but bloodhounds just don't deserve to be quite this high. The jowls are just too swingy for me.

    36. Cocker Spaniel

    Flickr: haveclipperswilltravel / Via Creative Commons

    The Cocker spaniel brings together a bunch of extremely adorable traits. Squishable cheeks with floppy, fuzzy ears, plus a sensitive and charming personality? YES, YES, AND YES.

    35. Cairn Terrier

    Flickr: romeral / Creative Commons

    The Cairn's cutest trait is definitely his extremely friendly personality and overall love of life. I mean, who WOULDN'T want a buddy with a smile like that?!

    34. Fox Terrier

    Flickr: frashier / Creative Commons

    Fox terriers are always living in the moment, which means they're all about living their best life. They've got a big personality with even more fluff to back it up — so there's a WHOLE LOT OF PUP TO LOVE.

    33. Border Collie

    Flickr: steveoliver / Via Creative Commons

    We're dealing with the real professionals when it comes to Border collies. OK, they have cute faces and some of the smoothest coats around — but it's all about the smarts when it comes to these little whippersnappers. As a world-class herding dog, they're not to be messed with, and they're ALWAYS up for a challenge.

    32. Collie

    Flickr: chris_leung / Via Creative Commons

    Collies are also herding dogs, but are mostly known for their undying loyalty and keen intuition. These dogs are always in tune with their owners, and will go to the end of the earth for the people they love. THAT'S what makes them some of the greatest dogs around!

    Also, Lassie. That's got to earn you some points.

    31. Shetland Sheepdog

    Flickr: haggisvitae / Creative Commons

    The Sheltie is a real superstar who can do it all. They double as herding dogs and guard dogs, but mostly spend their time as sweet family companions, spreading all their love and RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE FLUFF around.

    Adam: I agree that this dog is cute, but the Lassie factor really should have moved collies above Shelties. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    30. Beagle

    Flickr: laruth / Via Creative Commons

    THE TIME HAS COME FOR THESE FLOPPY-EARED CHAMPIONS OF ADORABLE TO RISE. Opinionated at times, these happy guys are all about hard work and having fun. But most of all they're just STINKIN' CUTE, even when they are being obstinate.

    29. Japanese Chin

    Flickr: peterremnemark / Creative Commons

    Adam: The Japanese chin is a multifaceted breed. They're small and cute, yes, but also fun and quirky. They're known for their signature spinning move, in which they simply whirl their little bodies around and around AND IT'S ADORABLE.

    Kaelin: OK, they have a cool little spin move. That doesn't really do much for me. I mean, ANY DOG CAN BE TAUGHT HOW TO DO A LITTLE SPIN. There are some other cuties that could've been a little higher than these dudes. SORRY.

    28. Jack Russell Terrier

    Flickr: darwinbell / Creative Commons

    The Jack Russell for sure has one of the largest and most entertaining personalities in the canine world. These clever cuties are excellent adventurers and fearless explorers. Plus, they're just, like, really tiny and freakin' adorable.

    27. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    AND NOW I PRESENT TO YOU ONE OF THE CUTEST LAP DOGS OF ALL TIME: THE CAVALIER KING CHARLES. They are for sure the cutest puppies of all time, but they're also sweet, loving, and extremely loyal to their humans. WHO WOULDN'T WANNA CUDDLE WITH ONE OF THESE BABIES? FOR REAL.

    26. Poodle

    Flickr: livinginmonrovia / Creative Commons

    Poodles quite possibly have it all. They're smart, elegant, and extremely affectionate. One of the greatest family dogs you could ever ask for, there's very little not to love about these insanely sweet and fluffy cuties.

    25. Portuguese Water Dog

    Flickr: sangudo / Via Creative Commons

    Adam: The Obama family has two of these pups. Do you really need another reason?

    Kaelin: Yeah, you do, Adam. Have you ever seen a St. Bernard puppy?? Their puppy paws alone should earn them a spot above these pups.

    24. Samoyed

    EVERYONE PLEASE RISE TO WELCOME ONE OF THE CUTEST, THE FLUFFIEST, THE MOST WONDERFUL DOGS OF ALL TIME: the Samoyed. There are lots of fluffy dogs out there, but these dudes have a stunning white coat that you just can't resist.

    23. Schnauzer

    Flickr: weibunn / Creative Commons

    They're sweet, they're wise, they're lovely, but most importantly, they're just killing the mustache game. There's nothing more to say.

    22. Scottish Terrier

    Flickr: victoriabush / Creative Commons

    The Scottie knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to go for it. Everyone, take notes.

    21. Norfolk Terrier

    Flickr: macrorain / Creative Commons

    Sure, she may be small and fluffy, but the Norfolk terrier is NOT to be messed with. Fearless and affectionate, these pups really know how to get the most out of life.

    20. Norwich Terrier

    Flickr: hgillis / Creative Commons

    These little dudes just love everyone. They're all about having fun ALL THE TIME, and what could be more adorable than that?!

    19. Lhasa Apso

    Flickr: mochaxlight / Creative Commons

    Adam: Are they the smartest dogs out there? No. Are they the friendliest dogs out there? Not really. Are they so painfully cute that you want to just pick them up, hug them forever, and love them always? YES.

    Kaelin: Gonna be real right now...these dogs are cute, but life is all about big-time fluff and I'm just not getting that here.

    18. Shih Tzu

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons

    Although Shih Tzus can be kind of stubborn, can you really stay mad at a face like this? No. No, you can't. And that's what makes them so special.

    17. Havanese

    Flickr: hemlit / Creative Commons

    Havanese? More like I HAVE A NEED for one of these dogs.

    16. Maltese

    Flickr: chriki / Creative Commons

    Adam: The Maltese is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a cuddly ball of fluff. They're basically made to be friends with humans — their personality makes them super loyal. And, like...they're super adorable. Almost painfully adorable.

    Kaelin: They're small. They're cute. I get it. I just think they're ranked a little too high, I mean — look at the Samoyed fluff...there's really no comparison.

    15. Pitbull

    Kaelin Tully

    Pit bulls are definitely among the most loyal and loving dogs around. From pit bull snuggles to pit bull kisses, there are few other dogs that can measure up in the sweetness department.

    14. Basset Hound

    Literally all about those ears. I'm not convinced that basset hounds aren't literally just a pair of sentient ears that took control of a random dog body.

    13. West Highland White Terrier

    Flickr: morepork / Creative Commons

    OK do you see how TOTALLY THRILLED this dog is just to be alive and running around? DO YOU SEE?

    12. Bichon Frise

    Flickr: akaporn / Via Creative Commons

    Although they're known for a tendency to become territorial, these dogs are also considered extremely intelligent and loving. Essentially, the Bichon is like a loyal ball of fluff that just follows you around. What's not to love?

    11. French Bulldog

    Flickr: br1dotcom / Via Creative Commons

    Because look at those ears.

    10. Labrador Retriever

    Flickr: 12587661@N06

    A hugely popular breed, labs have almost everything that a dog could need. They've got the sweet personality, the willingness to please, and some adorably shiny coats. Alas, they just don't seem to have that je ne sais quoi that is needed to catapult to the top of the pack.

    9. Shiba Inu

    Flickr: _tar0_ / Via Creative Commons

    Shibas were great before the whole Doge meme, and they'll continue to be great long after that meme has faded into nothingness. They've got strong, sassy personalities that you just can't help but love. Wow.

    8. Golden Retriever

    Flickr: tjuel / Creative Commons

    Adam: Goldens are, without a doubt, one of the absolute most popular breeds in the world. And for good reason. They're loving, loyal, and have a terrific temperament. So why aren't goldens ranked even higher? Their ubiquity is actually working against them, making them so well-known that they end up lacking that special ~x-factor~ needed to push them even higher.

    Kaelin: My non-biased opinion is that pit bulls are the better family dog and should be ranked above these dudes. Don't get me wrong, goldens are amazing, I'm just here to give you my very neutral opinion.

    7. Weimaraner

    Flickr: ryantron / Creative Commons

    Weimaraners are some of the most underrated dogs of all. They are perhaps the most perfectly soulful pooches out there, with stunning eyes set off against their slate fur. And if you still don't get it, check out the work of famed photographer William Wegman, who has captured many Weimaraners in all their beauty for the entire world to see.

    6. Pug

    Flickr: wombatarama / Via Creative Commons

    Adam: Some people think that pugs look funny, and to them I say, THAT'S THE POINT. Their adorably squished faces are part of what makes them so great. And they're known for following their owners around because they just want to show their love. Say it with me: awwwwwwwwww.

    Kaelin: Before I get slammed I just want to say I LOVE PUGS. But with all the media attention they get, I think it might be going to their heads. There are other lesser-known pups that deserve a little time in the spotlight. SORRY FOR SAYING IT.

    5. Corgi

    Flickr: mei428 / Via Creative Commons

    LISTEN UP, EVERYONE: Corgis are apparently perilously close to becoming an extinct breed, and we CANNOT let that happen. Corgis are perfect bastions of fluff and love and happiness. The queen loves them, for god's sake. Are we really going risk losing corgis and letting down the queen?

    4. Bernese Mountain Dog

    Adam: OK, I get that you think Bernese pooches are huge and sweet and adorable. But there is NO WAY they belong this high up. There's nothing to separate them from the pack except their size, and that only goes so far.

    Kaelin: Have you ever been blessed with the sweet kiss of a Berner? How about a fluffy cuddle? If you have, then you totally understand why these PERFECT, MAGICAL, AND FLAWLESS LITTLE BEASTIES ARE NUMBER FOUR ON THIS LIST. THEY ARE THE BEST. SIMPLY THE BEST. AND NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT.

    3. Yorkshire Terrier

    2. Dachshund

    Flickr: sel / Via Creative Commons


    1. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

    Adam Davis

    WHEATENS ARE THE BEST. They are not only 100% adorable, but also kind, loving, and friendly. Wheatens are always super excited to see you, no matter how many times they've met you before. Seriously, look at how much these pups love saying hello. Plus, their hair is so soft (hence the name) that you can sit there and pet them all day and it just feels so lovely.

    It's official: Wheatens are, without a doubt, the best dog breed out there. This is a totally non-biased, 100% correct decision. Purely objective.

    Remember to check out your local shelters and Pet Finder if you're looking for a pal. Tons of cuties are looking for forever homes!

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