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19 Reasons Summer Sucks For Anyone Who Wears Glasses

Thanks, sweat, for helping my glasses slip down my face every five minutes. UGH.

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1. You know the constant struggle of trying to wear sunglasses and regular glasses at the same time.

2. Even if you have prescription sunglasses, you have to constantly switch between sunglasses and regular glasses every time you move between outdoors and indoors.

3. If you make a quick stop indoors, you can either take the time to switch to regular glasses or incur the judgment of everyone who just sees you as "that guy" wearing sunglasses indoors.

HBO / Via

I'm sorry, but I need these to see and I'm only going to be in here for a minute.

4. Thanks to the heat, you're sweating so much that your glasses get drops of sweat on them, which then dry and cause smudges.

Digital Vision. / Via

5. And the sweat that doesn't get on the glasses themselves drips down the bridge of your nose, so your glasses are CONSTANTLY slipping down your face.

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. Spending so much time in the sun means you are constantly asking yourself if your glasses are dirty or if there's just a strange glare at the moment.

Flickr: darrenkw / Creative Commons

7. The wild temperature swings that happen when you go between the indoors and outdoors mean your glasses are constantly fogging up.

Flickr: caroslines / Creative Commons

8. Like when you get out of your car and the transition out of the A/C screws up your lenses.

9. You can't wear your glasses into the water at the beach, so you can't ever really see what's around.

10. But if you do wear them at the beach, they end up wet, sandy, or worse.

11. Want to play summer sports like beach volleyball? Have fun readjusting your glasses every 20 seconds because of all that sweat.

Paramount Pictures / Via

12. Oh, and you better hope nothing hits you in the face.

Pain. Broken glasses. SHATTERED DREAMS.

13. Going in the pool either means wearing big prescription swim goggles or just hoping no one takes advantage of your blurry vision during a game of Marco Polo.

14. And then you have to get out and dry off basically blind, because if you get your glasses first, you'll get them all wet.

15. Fun summer activities like going to the amusement park end up with you just worrying if your glasses will be safe all day.

16. Reading outside is always a struggle because of that awkward glare that comes off your glasses.

DC Comics / Via

Do you take them off and remove the glare, or keep them on and retain your eyesight?

17. Summer rainshowers that are refreshing for everyone else just make you wonder why your glasses can't come with little windshield wipers.

MrKornFlakes / Via

18. Want to take a stroll in the sun with those cool new headphones you bought? Yeah, nope.

19. And, of course, you have to deal with these unfortunate tan lines happening all summer long.

I have a glasses sunburn line. Need any more be said? #shootme

Ursula Grover@ursegrover

I have a glasses sunburn line. Need any more be said? #shootme

4:55 PM - 03 Apr 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

Thanks a lot, summer. Sincerely, all glasses-wearers.

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