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    24 Struggles That All Television Addicts Can Relate To

    So much TV, so little time.

    1. Every weekend you're faced with the dilemma of whether to go out or to stay home curled up on the couch with your remote.

    2. And when you choose to stay home, some people roll their eyes at you and say you watch "too much" TV.

    3. Or they call you childish because of your TV obsessions.

    4. When your friends WON'T STOP TALKING and you can't hear anything that's happening on the screen.

    5. Or when they walk right in front of the TV at the worst possible moment.

    6. Shows that don't have commercial breaks.

    7. When there are six hours of new television you want to watch on the same night and there's just no way you can see it all.

    8. Trying to successfully navigate the fine line between live-tweeting and actually paying attention.

    9. Your DVR is always dangerously close to its capacity.

    10. Not being able to afford high-def because it's way too expensive.

    11. Same with premium cable.

    12. So you try to find your shows online...and then this happens.

    13. And even if you find it, it always seems to stop buffering halfway through.

    14. The frustration that comes because the show you want to watch doesn't premiere in your country for another six months.

    15. When you miss a show and have to avoid the internet for entire days just to stay away from spoilers.

    16. When Netflix doesn't have every season of the show you are trying to watch.

    17. Or when too many people are sharing the same Netflix password and you're the one who ends up getting locked out.

    18. When there is SO MUCH TRAFFIC coming home from work and you end up missing the first 15 minutes of your favorite show.

    19. Or when your shows are delayed because of sports (ugh) and so your DVR cuts off the last 20 minutes.

    20. When you go to the gym and all of the machines with TVs have been taken.

    21. Not being able to talk about your new TV obsession with anyone because it's an obscure miniseries from Europe that no one else has heard of.

    22. Or the opposite, when someone jumps on the bandwagon of your favorite show and won't shut up about it.

    23. Dealing with the loooonnnggg wait from one season of a show to the next.

    24. And perhaps worst of all, when your favorite show gets canceled way before its time.