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    21 Of The Strangest And Most Unique Buildings From Around The World

    How do these places even exist?

    1. Capital Gate — Abu Dhabi, UAE

    2. Svalbard Global Seed Vault — Longyearbyen, Norway

    3. The Crooked House — Staffordshire, United Kingdom

    With one end of the bar four feet lower than the other end, the Crooked House pub has certainly earned its moniker. The difference in height is due to ground movements caused by mining in the region.

    (Source: Quora)

    4. The Piano House — Anhui, China

    5. Palace of the Parliament — Bucharest, Romania

    6. Turning Torso — Malmö‎, Sweden

    7. Antilla — Mumbai, India

    8. Kunsthaus — Graz, Austria

    9. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center — Baku, Azerbaijan

    10. Crazy House — Dalat, Vietnam

    This guesthouse has been compared to the works of both Dalí and Gaudí, with the main building being inspired by natural structures and the surrounding environment.

    (Source: Quora)

    11. Monte Rosa Hut — Zermatt, Switzerland

    12. Lotus Temple — Delhi, India

    13. Ontario College of Art and Design — Toronto, Canada

    14. Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval — Hauterives, France

    This building, located in southeastern France, was created by Ferdinard Cheval, the town's postman. Though Cheval was poor, his work has been recognized by major figures in art and literature, from Pablo Picasso to Anaïs Nin.

    (Source: Quora)

    15. Krzywy Domek — Sopot, Poland

    16. Ryugyong Hotel — Pyongyang, North Korea

    17. Kansas City Library — Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    18. Longaberger Headquarters — Newark, Ohio, USA

    19. Winchester Mystery House — San Jose, California, USA

    This home's owner, Sarah Winchester, allegedly believed that the building was haunted and so designed the home in a labyrinth-like fashion to confuse any spirits who might try to haunt her. Because of that, she insisted that the home be constantly under construction, incorporating architectural oddities such as a cabinet that extends through 30 rooms of the house and doors that lead nowhere.

    (Source: Quora)

    20. Kugelmugel — Vienna, Austria

    21. Coming soon: Tower Infinity — Incheon, South Korea