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    Heads Up, Makeup Enthusiasts: The Best Eyeliner In The World Is On Sale For Prime Day

    Just when you thought the deals couldn't get any better.

    Listen, there a lot of good liquid eyeliners out there, and I've tried my share, but please listen when I say that Stila's Stay All Day liner is the greatest, most reliable pen on the market.

    Now that we're on the same page, we can all agree that it's HUGE NEWS that the iconic liner is on sale for Prime Day. 30% off, baby! Load up your cart!

    If you're somehow not excited/buying one in each color, lemme explain why I stan this liner so hard.

    Stila's Stay All Day eyeliner lasts forever without smudging, glides on effortlessly, is super pigmented, and has a sharp tip so you can draw wings with ease. Oh, and it comes in 12 COLORS!

    Still not sold? It has over 4,000 positive reviews. Just read what people are saying about this miracle makeup:

    Everyone looks great with their eyeliner and you will too! Especially for that price. Get it now for $15.40 during Prime Day and thank me later.

    If only I had known about Stila's magical properties during my emo phase.