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22 Times The News Failed So Hard It Almost Won

These people are reporting the stories that really matter.

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1. Don't worry, he's coming soon.

Fox News / Via

2. Even on Neptune???

CNN / Via

3. I know a lot of people dislike French politicians but this seems a bit harsh.


4. She deserves better than to be called names by the likes of you, MSNBC.


5. Wow, Halle Berry really had a lot of work done.

KABC / Via

6. Who hasn't taken a picture of a naked guy, though? Oh, everyone else?

7. I don't think it's our children's education we have to worry about.

Fox News / Via

8. Weird, I'm usually killed to life.

WBTV / Via

9. Important breaking health information.

KRIV FOX 26 / Via

10. Um...I'll try?

KREM / Via

11. Sooo cool.

KABC / Via

12. I, for one, am SHOCKED by the news that many words are supposed to fit there.

KDKA / Via

13. Thank goodness this story is so clear and easy to understand!

Fox News / Via

14. No zombies here.

15. You can, but probably shouldn't.

WTEV / Via

16. It would be the shortest if whoever wrote this had entered.

Fox News / Via

17. "Geroge."

18. Lance, how could you?

CBC News / Via

19. CNN producer: "102 years is still breaking, right?"

CNN / Via

20. #FindTheSandwich

Fox 25 / Via

21. Surprisingly, this is the one thing I didn't know about Tiger Woods.

WNWO / Via

22. This dog is sick of such false accusations.

KCAL / Via

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