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    The 22 Strangest Things That Have Been Banned Around The World

    What do you mean I can't reincarnate without government permission?

    1. Burundi: Jogging

    2. Turkmenistan: Lip-Synching

    3. China: Reincarnation Without Government Permission

    4. Romania: Scrabble

    5. United States: Kinder Surprise candy eggs

    6. Iran: Ponytails on Men

    7. Australia: Pornography Featuring Women With "Small" Breasts

    8. Singapore: Chewing Gum

    9. The Philippines: Claire Danes

    10. Denmark: Ovaltine and Marmite

    These are two of the most popular products disallowed by a Danish law that requires government approval for any foods fortified with vitamins or minerals. The law took effect in 2004, causing problems for large manufacturers like Kellogg's as well as small shop owners who could not afford the cost of getting the government's seal of approval for their products. The Danes believe that a balanced diet supplies all the vitamins and minerals one could need, and that too much of these things can cause harm.

    (Source: Quora)

    11. India: Alcohol Advertisements

    12. France: Red Bull

    13. China: Time Travel

    14. South Africa: Photos of the President's House

    15. North Korea: Blue Jeans

    16. Monaco: Gambling at the Casino, if You Are a Citizen of Monaco

    17. United Kingdom: Dying in the Houses of Parliament

    18. Germany: Running Out of Gas on the Autobahn

    19. The Philippines: Singing "My Way," by Frank Sinatra

    20. Thailand: The Movie Anna and the King

    21. South Korea: Online Video Games After Midnight

    22. Japan: Dancing in Clubs