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    18 Resolutions To Help You Have A Better 2014

    365 days of self-improvement. Or something like that.

    1. Keep your expectations realistic.

    2. Perfect the art of multitasking.

    3. Get to know your neighbors better.

    4. Don't be afraid to ask the big questions.

    5. Recognize your bad habits and work to stop them.

    6. Always maintain a reasonable timeline for new endeavors.

    7. Improve your conflict management skills.

    8. Practice improved hygiene.

    9. Be more assertive.

    10. Be decisive when it comes to your love life.

    11. Eat healthier.

    12. Brush up on your math skills.

    13. Focus on yourself.

    14. Learn to weigh all the options when you encounter a new situation.

    15. Work to fulfill your sexual desires.

    16. Make more of an effort to exercise.

    17. Get more in touch with your emotions.

    18. And most importantly, don't ever limit yourself to just one change.

    Because you can be whatever you want in 2014.

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