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19 Reasons Why The Outdoors Is Completely Overrated

Outside is legit awful.

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1. Why would you choose to isolate yourself from the majority of what civilization has to offer?

2. Like, the outdoors has NO DAMN ELECTRICITY.

3. You want to go online? It's not going to happen.

4. You want air conditioning? Too damn bad.

5. And if you're lucky enough to have anything even resembling a bathroom where you are, it's ten times more disgusting than an indoor bathroom.

Give me proper plumbing or give me death.

6. If you get lost, there's no Google Maps to get you home. You've got to use something called a "compass."

7. Don't forget about all these little fuckers just hanging around, waiting to freak you out.

8. Not to mention the mosquitos who will, without a doubt, consume your flesh and blood the whole time you're outdoors.

9. And think of the rest of the terrifying creatures you might have to face outside.

Yeah, I'll stick to swimming in the pool. Thanks.

10. Why spend money on all the specialized outdoor gear you'd need when you can just wear normal clothes indoors?

11. Especially because you know the elements are just going to wreak havoc on your outfit.

Why would I wear something with the intention of getting it dirty?

12. And there's no running water, so you can't even wash your hands or shower when this shit happens.

13. And let's not even get into the hellhole that is camping. In what world is this more comfortable than a queen-size bed and soft comforter?

14. And somehow this is supposed to make everything "cozy," but I'm not buying it.

15. (Plus, those damn things are impossible to put together.)

16. This is the closest thing you'll get to a comfortable resting spot. YOU COULD BE SITTING ON A COUCH INSTEAD.

17. Remember: This is not cooking.

18. And even if it were, it's impossible to keep your utensils safe from the nasty germs all around.

19. And what are you even going to do while you're out there? There's literally nothing to do beside just walk around and look at stuff.

There's only so much looking at stuff you can do before it gets boring AF.