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21 Reasons Buying Gifts For The Holidays Is The Worst

I guess you can just get everyone socks?

1. It feels like everyone on your shopping list is impossible to buy for.

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2. Because some people's demands are just way too high.

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3. And some people find fault with your gifts no matter what.


4. But everyone is so excited, you're afraid you're going to let them down.

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5. So you go to the store anyway, which is akin to putting yourself at the center of a violent stampede.

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6. Unfortunately, their gift suggestions are no help at all.

7. And they always seem to be missing the one thing you're looking for, so you're stuck buying something you didn't want to get.

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8. When you actually look at all the receipt, it's physically painful.

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9. You can try shopping online, but you have to worry about whether or not your gifts will even arrive on time.

10. There's no subtle way to find out what size someone wears, so you inevitably buy things either way too big or way too small.

11. It's tougher than it looks to make something yourself.

12. And once you hit the age of ten, you're shamed if you consider going the "homemade coupon" route.

13. Maybe you don't know much about the person you're buying for, so you end up getting something wildly inappropriate.

Sorry, Batman :(

14. But don't even think about asking friends for help.

15. It gets awkward when you give a casual friend a gift but they didn't get you anything.

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Or vice versa.

16. People get jealous if you spent more money on someone else's gift.

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"Oh, I guess you love your cousin more than you love your own mother..."

17. You try to cut your losses by getting people something they've loved in the past, but that's not good enough.

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18. There's nothing worse than a disappointed gift-opening face.

19. And then watching people pretend to be grateful when they clearly aren't.

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20. It feels like all your effort is for naught.

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21. Ugh. if only it were acceptable to just give everyone money.

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