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    24 Real Estate Ads That Totally Nailed It

    Definitely sold on all of these houses.

    1. This ad asking you to do some pretty NSFW things.

    2. This ad for a genitally-enhanced abode.

    3. This ad making a reassuring clarification.

    4. The ad for this LGBT-inclusive company.

    5. The ad that promised these million-dollar views.

    6. This ad that's starting to get desperate.

    7. This ad for the hardest working cat in the biz.

    8. Only rivaled by this cat, perhaps.

    9. This ad that doubles as avant-garde poetry.

    10. This ad providing a logical solution to all of your marital issues.

    11. This sign that's ready for the zombie apocalypse.

    12. And this ad that's completely ghost-free.

    13. This ad that's on a really tight deadline.

    14. This ad that's probably not sanctioned by the homeowner's association.

    15. This ad airing some pretty dirty laundry.

    16. This ad that's committed to honesty.

    17. This ad that's totally chill.

    18. This ad for a farmer's dream property.

    19. The ad that will not be taken advantage of.

    20. These ads giving you a clear decision to make.

    21. This ad for a home that's perfect for your friend Mary Jane.

    22. The ad that knows how expensive bus fare has gotten these days.

    23. This ad that keeps it all in the family.

    24. And this "real estate" "advertisement."

    Solid work, realtors.