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    23 Random Juxtapositions That Probably Shouldn't Exist

    There are some things that just shouldn't be put next to each other.

    1. When this dog was grossly defamed.

    2. When the Lakers were shocked by what they saw above them.

    3. When we learned what's really going on in the women's bathroom.

    4. When we celebrated the return of heroin.

    5. When this beer ad showed up in the worst possible place.

    6. When these billboards gave mixed messages about nutrition.

    7. When this quote from V for Vendetta took on a whole new meaning.

    8. When the ticker at the bottom of the screen made this unfortunate pronouncement.

    9. When this sign was placed next to the graveyard.

    10. And when we were reminded of how "fun" it is.

    11. When this man showed off his subway-chic t-shirt.

    12. When Jack Nicholson seemed to grow out quite a nice new hairdo.

    13. When Batman got all dressed up to eat a hotdog.

    14. When two very different kinds of ovens were advertised.

    15. When this duck was sure to stay vigilant.

    16. When this guy looked a little too excited about bestiality.

    17. When these billboards played a game of cause and effect.

    18. When we all sincerely hoped that the butcher shop isn't getting its meat from the neighbors.

    19. When we learned why this lady isn't quite like other girls.

    20. When this guy immediately regretted becoming a new species.

    21. When this baby had a really legit reason to be crying.

    22. When the "hope ahead" was a bit counterintuitive.

    23. And when the billboard on the right threw some major shade at the guy to the left.