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    21 Questions That All TV Addicts Have Asked Themselves

    "What would I even do without television?"

    1. "Is it worth staying at happy hour for another drink, or should I go home to be absolutely certain I'm back in time for my show?"

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    2. "Can I spend both nights this weekend on the couch, or should I go out and socialize a little?"

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    3. "Will my friends hate me if I back out of our dinner plans to stay home and watch TV tonight?"

    4. "At what point does my obsession with my favorite character go from 'endearing' to 'creepy'?"

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    5. "Because, like...what if there's a chance that they would date me?"

    New Line Cinema / Via

    6. "Why does cable have to cost so damn much?"

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    7. "Given how much I watch, should I just give in and get my own Netflix account?"

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    8. *Show starts in five minutes* "What's the fastest way to tactfully get out of this phone call so I don't miss anything?"

    Fox / Via

    9. "Am I some kind of traitor for abandoning a show I used to love?"


    Even if it's gone WAY off the rails.

    10. "Because, like...what if it miraculously manages to return to its former glory?"


    11. "So I might keel over and die if I try to watch every single new show this season, but is it worth doing anyway?"

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    You have to give everything a chance, of course.

    12. "Should I watch [show] now, or wait a little while so I can binge a few episodes in a row?"

    13. "Is it wrong that I put friends into groups based on whether or not I'd miss one of my favorite shows to hang out with them?"


    14. "Is it too obvious that I'm judging [person] for not knowing enough about [show]?"

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    15. "Is it worth watching a show just to be part of the office conversations about it?"

    20th Century Fox Television

    16. "Why the hell don't they just air shows around the world at the same time, instead of making some people wait months?"

    ITV/PBS / Via

    17. "At what point can I start talking about this episode without anyone accusing me of spreading spoilers?"

    18. "If I start watching [show] now, will it look like I'm just a bandwagon fan?"

    ABC / Via

    19. "Is it worth changing my workout at the gym specifically so I can get a machine with a TV?"

    Fox / Via

    20. "How do those people without TV sets even survive???"

    NBC / Via

    21. "Wait, is it possible that people are right when they say I watch too much TV?"

    BBC / Via[term]=watching%20too%20much%20fastion%20t.v&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=

    Naahhhh. No such thing.

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