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    24 Problems You Encounter When You Go To The Mall

    Stay home, people. Just stay home.

    1. It's always waaaay too crowded.

    2. So crowded that you inevitably run into someone you don't want to see.

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    3. You can never actually check out the products in the Apple store because everyone is messing with the monitors.

    4. You basically have to plug your nose every time you go near Abercrombie.

    5. And it's so dark in there, you'll need a flashlight if you plan on actually seeing the merchandise.

    6. All of the stores play music at ungodly levels.

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    7. The salespeople don't ever leave you alone.

    AMC / Via

    And it makes you want to scream.

    8. When the store doesn't have your size and you realize that you came all the way to the mall for nothing.

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    9. The mannequins are actually the stuff of nightmares.



    10. And sometimes they make unwanted sexual advances towards you.

    11. Seriously, someone needs to get these mannequins in line.

    12. You have to deal with tweens who think they are clever.

    But are actually just annoying.

    13. And mall hooligans who should probably be doing their homework or something.

    14. Sometimes you're even stuck dealing with that kind of shit from adults.


    Come on, man! That's clearly not going to work!

    15. You'll encounter someone like this.

    16. Or like this.


    Ugh, turtles always getting in my way.

    17. Plus there's those annoying people who hog tables at the food court.

    18. You literally have to walk from one end of the mall to the other to get to the escalators and elevators.


    Soooo faaaaaaar.

    19. The mall is so huge, you're guaranteed to be passed out by the end of the day.

    20. And even if you wanted to sit down and rest, there's basically never an empty bench.


    21. For real, the mall usually has the worst layout ever.

    22. There's always some jerk taking up too many spots in the parking lot.

    23. And sometimes the lot is so crowded, this is really your only option for parking.

    24. But if you stay for even a minute too long, you might find yourself facing a huge parking fee.

    So yeah - definitely not going to the mall anytime soon.

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