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    This Is What Happens When People Try To Identify The U.S. Presidents

    Turns out, we've had a lot of presidents who look suspiciously like vampires.

    In honor of President's Day, we put together a selection of 10 U.S. presidents and challenged BuzzFeed staffers to identify as many as they could.

    Here's an unlabeled version if you want to play along.

    Ready to see how we did?

    As it turns out, both Santa and an elderly Severus Snape have reached the most powerful office in the land.

    A friend from the United Kingdom gave it a shot, but unfortunately his knowledge of Point Break didn't come in handy here.

    It seems that Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't age very well, unfortunately.

    Perhaps that's because he's actually Dracula.

    Seriously, he's a vampire.

    This person thought we had a president named "Norm."

    The captain of the Titanic managed to evade the iceberg on his way to the White House, according to this quiz taker.

    "Excuse me, President Pieface. We have an emergency in the Oval Office."

    We can't deport Bieber back to Canada because he's already become our president, it seems.

    The cast of Willy Wonka has a long and storied history of reaching the Oval Office.

    Pop culture was clearly a popular touchstone for many respondents, like this Scandal fan.

    Apparently Alec Baldwin gained a little weight before assuming the presidency.

    This lucky lady or gent seems to have a romantic history with many of our leaders.

    Although this person said "Guy" served as president four separate times, he or she was the only person to actually get Millard Fillmore, so props.

    Many of us felt the need to apologize to our old history teachers.

    One of the best efforts, in that almost every person named was actually a president at one point or another.

    Genuinely solid effort, thanks to "dat Beard" of Rutherford's being so iconic.

    100%. The only person to realize this was a trick quiz and that all the "presidents" were actually Pokémon. Congratulations, we have a winner.

    Oh, and in case you're wondering what the real answers are...

    1. James Polk

    2. Herbert Hoover

    3. Millard Fillmore

    4. Calvin Coolidge

    5. Gerald Ford

    6. John Tyler

    7. Andrew Johnson

    8. Rutherford B. Hayes

    9. Benjamin Harrison

    10. John Adams

    We love you, America!